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Choose A Number Project:

My favorite number by Juliana

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Choose A Number Project:

Choose A Number Project:
Juliana Vaiuso

Write a pattern in which your number is the fifth term in a sequence of ten numbers
Write four different word problems in which your number is the sum, the difference, the product, and the quotient
(Sum) Jody has 13 pairs of socks. Her mother bought her 3 more pairs of socks. How many pairs of socks does Jody have in all?

(Difference) Kasey has 19 apples. She gave her friend John 3 of the apples. How many apples does Kasey have now?

(Product) Mary had 2 baskets and in each basket she had 8 cookies. How many cookies does Mary have in all?

(Quotient) Debbie had 32 boxcars. She wanted to divide the boxcars in 2 groups. How many cars would be in each group?
Write 4 different equations in which your number is an unknown addend, subtrahend, an unknown factor and divisor
20 + ? =36
36 - ? =20
2 X ? =32
32 / ? =2

Write two multi-step word problems featuring your number.

Sally has 2 bags of apples with 10 apples in each bag. She is making apple crisp and needs
apples for it. How many apples will be left over? (answer: 4)

Lucas has a rock collection with 4 pink rocks, 5 crystal rocks, 3 blue rocks. He wants his collection to have 4 more rocks. How many rocks will his collection have?
Create a drawing or design that represents your number in a unique way
Write all the factor pairs for your number
(2x8=16) ( 4x4=16) (8x2=16) (1x16=16) (16x1=16)
Write a description of your number
My number has two digits, is even, is a composite, and a multiple of 1,2,4, and 8

Write the written word (and/or symbol) for your number in three foreign languages.

Spanish= deiciseis
Italian= sedici
French= seize

Find three photographs, drawings, or newspaper/magazine clippings showing where you have seen your number used in real world.
Write two statistics or facts involving your number
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th
President of the United States.

You need to be 16 years old
to learn to drive in Connecticut.
Choose a number and explain why you chose it
When I was 3, I heard the number

and of course I was amazed.
got stuck in my head.
is my favorite number.
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