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Touching Spirit Bear Introduction

No description

Tracy Tarasiuk

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear Introduction

Touching Spirit Bear 15 Years Old
Troubled Family
Detention Center Main Character
Cole Matthews Works in the juvenile justice system.
Wants to help Cole.
Was a troubled kid himself.
Introduces Cole to the Circle Justice option. Garvey Tlingit Indian from Drake.
Brought in to help Cole when he is banished to the island.
He was banished to the same island when he was young.
He teaches Cole life lessons. Edwin Cole hurts a boy named Peter Driscal.
Garvey gets him the option of jail or circle justice. The Island Cole encounters this giant white bear on the island. The Spirit Bear We will meet Cole as he is traveling to the island. He has agreed to live on the island for a year as punishment for what he did to Peter Driscal. In the beginning, Cole has a very difficult time accepting responsibility for what he has done.
His denial and rebellion cause pain for him and those who are trying to help him. Cole's recovery is a long and painful process for him and those who still care about him. Essay Assignment

You will write an essay about this novel.
You will choose one of the following topics... Animals and the forces of nature are strong influences of Cole's
experiences on the island. For this essay, you will choose
three prominent symbols, explain their meaning,
and show how the meaning of each
changes throughout the book. How does the author's use of flashbacks and
third-person omniscient point of view
affect the mood, setting,
and character development of the novel. Life, in many ways, is a circle. Explore how Cole's growth
is connected to the growth of others in the novel.
How do the relationships between these
characters help them to heal and forgive? What does it mean to touch the Spirit Bear?
You will explore the meaning of the Spirit Bear and what it represents in the novel. You will choose your essay before we begin reading the novel.
You will need to annotate in your book to help you write your essay.
The essay will not be due until we are done reading the novel. Why do people hurt others?
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