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Food On the Cattle Drive

By: Jordan Jacobs Social Studies 1st Period

Jordan Jacobs

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Food On the Cattle Drive

The cowboys meal consisted of beef jerky, pinto beans,coffee,dried salt pork,pancakes,sourdough biscuits and ect. Foods On the Cattle Drive The cooks stored all their food and equipment in a chuckwagon. Here are some pictures cooking of the food. Most cooks cook their food in a dutch oven, cleaver,pots and large skillets to fry the dried pork. The cook also used a huge boiler to boil the beans in. Right behind the trail boss, the cook was the highest paid person on or during a cattle drive. If a cowboy was injured, he could ride in the front of the chuckwagon.But he could not be close to the food because of germs and bacteria. The staple foods were the foods that were mostly eaten by the cowboys everyday.They were foods that didn't spoil or ruin fast. Staple foods were dried meat,beans,corn,coffee,pancakes,biscuits,beef jerky and beef stew. Webliography:
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