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Major Events In The NBA

No description

Big Boy

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Major Events In The NBA

Major Events In the nba

The NBA was first founded by the NBL (national basketball league) and the BAA (basketball association of america) in New York City on June 6 1946. The original 17 teams were the Boston
Celtics, Chicago Stags, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons
New York Knickerbockers, Philedelpia Warriors,
Pittsburg Ironmen, Providence Steam Rollers, St. Louis Bombers, Toronto Huskies, Washington Capitols, Ft. Wayne Pistons, Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals, Tri City Blackhawks, Syracuse Nationals and the Baltimore Bullets. Only two of these original teams have the same names such as the Boston Celtics and the New York Knickerbockers (knicks). Eight Of the original teams are still in existance like the Boston Celtics,
New York Knickerbockers (knicks), Philidelpia Warriors (aka Golden State Warriors), Ft. Wayne Pistons (aka Detroit Pistons), Minneapolis Lakers (aka Los Angeles Lakers), Rochester Royals (aka Sacramento Kings), Tri City BlackHawks (aka Atlanta Hawks), Syracuse Nationals (Philidelphia 76ers). These teams changed names or aren't in the NBA anymore because they changed founders or the city became less popular. The first year of the NBA they only played 60 games instead of 82 the best teams record in 1946 was 49-11 by the Washington Capitols (aka Washington Wizards). The first NBA champions were the Philidelphia Warriors they defeated the Chicago Stags in a 4-1 series. In 1954 the shot clock was introduced it was introduced to make the game more challenging, they must attempt a shot in 24 seconds (must touch the rim) or loss of possesion. In 1979 the three point was introduced it was introduced to give the good shooters a reward as an extra point.Also the three point has really changed the game and winning them for some teams. In 1969 the slam dunk was invented to give the big players advantages on small guys. Here is a video whitch the team won because of
a three pointer.
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