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Introduction to Parse - MBaaS

An introduction to Parse I make for KMS TechCon 2014

An Nguyễn Lê

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Parse - MBaaS

Dude, I have a ToDoList app and I want to use it on multiple platforms.
Hm... You'd need a server.
Let's check out the blackboard!
I might have an...
You're not the first one
Think about "aaS" (as a Service)
An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.
- Buddah -
MBaaS: Mobile Backend as a Service
Cloud-based storage
- Save data in cloud via RESTful APIs
- Local data storage for offline mode
- CRUD dashboard
- No schema
Push Notification
- Scalability
- Push composer
- Scheduling
- Targeting
App Analytics
- User behavior tracking
- Optimize push campaigns
- Analyze API usage
- Growth analytic
- Login/Signup/Link via FB/Twitter account
- Use FB/Twitter APIs
- Static websites
- Combine with JS SDK
- Edit locally and deploy
Cloud Code
- Background jobs
- Node.JS & Express
- Hooking in business code
- Multiple platforms
- Cover security & Parse communicating
- Wrapper RESTful APIs
- Use ParseObject as a data model
A feature-rich MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service).
Support mobile developer in data & files storage, push notification, analytic, dashboard, customizable backend.
There are several cloud modules from Parse & its partners.
Expensive if the app grows and reaches plan's limitation too quickly.
Email: anlpnguyen@kms-technology.com

Worthy Mentionings
All data are protected under ACL (Access Control Lists).
HTTPS & SSL are required to secure the connection.
Without SDKs, you can send requests to Parse via its APIs.
Be able to store files and images.
NoSQL database
There is some limitation in file size, requests number...
Cloud Modules
- Integrate app with third parties: SendGrid, Twillio, Instagram...
- Images & Emails processing.
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