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Copy of Legal and Non-Legal Rules

An overview of what this course will cover.

Roxi Chatzis

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Legal and Non-Legal Rules

Legal and Non-Legal Rules Legal Rules Non-Legal Rules Roxi Chatzis Non-Legal Rules are: Laws that apply only to particular group of individuals. Are created by members of that group and are only enforcable within that group. Punishment for breaking the rules of a certain group are only applied to those who are part of the group. Examples are: schools or parents. Legal Rules are: Also know as 'laws' are rules that apply to everyone in society. They are made by law-making bodies with the force of law. They can be enforced by the courts Punishment for breaking the law are called sanctions and are much more severe than those of non-legal rules. Examples are: Local Councils and Parliaments. Are not enforcable by the courts. Similarities Between Legal and Non-Legal Rules: Provides a code of what is the right and acceptable behaviour. Protects the rights of individuals. Restricts certain actions that would have a bad effect. Provides punishment if any rules are broken. Need For Laws: To protect people and their rights. To protect the community. To provide a code of acceptable behviour and actions. To reflect community values. To provide procedures to settle disputes. To enable social change. To control social behaviour. Examples are: Schools and parents.
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