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Joseph Stalin

An overview of what this course will cover.

yuhao wu

on 10 April 2010

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Transcript of Joseph Stalin

It involves this... and this... these.... these... Technology should never replace your teaching, or the teacher, it should support it - if it's appropriate. We'll look at the differences between hardware, software, academicware, administrativeware, and webware. We'll investigate how technology has changed the way we learn, and what that means for teachers and students for today and tomorrow. The Vocabulary: web 2.0 wiki blog licensing opensource freeware shareware packet protocol network social network professional development p2p pixel chat repsonsibility pedagogy constructivism convergence Bloom's new
taxonomy digital
citizens touchscreen whiteboard iPod upload download objectives proceedures browser storyboarding NETS-T The Standards: A vision for owning this course: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwM4ieFOotA Joseph Stalin Great Qualities Perseverance and Persistence
Ability to Organize and to Lead
Influence and control over other people
Fight against evil
Propel technological advances
Obtain popular support

Persistence Contracted smallpox,
permanently scarring his face
Left arm permanently injured
Became inspired by revolutionary works
Was exciled seven times

Ambition Believed in Communism
Ambitious leader:
gave more rights to the middle class

Propelled Soviet Union
to become a world superpower

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