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abby freo

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Mutations

Point Mutation Substitution Insertion Deletion Agenda for March, 1, 2012 Finish Protein Synthesis quiz (all things to the side)
Pick up Protein synthesis review
Complete the mutations worksheet and turn in ( leave #1,3 and 5 on pg. 2 blank)
NO CELL PHONES AND ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING!!!! Mutations Cloning: THE ISLAND "Exchange" "in place of" "trade" Beneficial
Mutation Harmful
Mutations Inherited Mutations Mutations
Not Inherited Exceptions to the rule! "Add" "introduce" "erase" "subtract" "remove" Changing a base in the gene. Mutated DNA: CGA-TGC-TTC
Amino Acid: alanine- threonine- lysine Normal DNA:
Amino Acid: alanine- threonine- stop CGA-TGC-ATC CGA-TAG-CAT-C CGA-TGC-ATC Mutated DNA:
amino acid: alanine- isoleucine- valine Normal DNA:
amino acid: alanine- threonine- stop A base is added into the gene. Normal DNA: CGA-TGC-ATC
amino acid: alanine- threonine- stop Mutated DNA: CGA-TCA-TCC
amino acid: alanine- serine-arginine A base is deleted shifting the codons. Sickle Cell Regular Blood
Cell Usually Harmless! WHY??? Normal DNA: CGA-TGC-ATC
amino acid: alanine-threonine-stop

amino acid: alanine threonine stop Huntington's Disease Dangerous Mutation All bases are shifted causing
different codons: FRAMESHIFT Muscular Dystrophy Dangerous Mutation Shifts the bases and the codons change: Frameshift MUTAGENS genetic x-ray radiation
exposure Chemicals Why do we need to
know about our genes? CLONING Take DNA from an animal Geneticically identical Dolly the sheep Copies Place it into a zygote
from a different animal
with an empty nucleus Baby Dolly Adult Dolly Gene Therapy Agenda for March 2, 2012 Pick up a notes page
Mutations and cloning notes
Finish Cloning WS HW: Study for test....on Tues! Does Gene Therapy Work? Gene Therapy Stem Cells Agenda for March 5, 2012 Go over Protein Synthesis and Mutations
Finish Gene Therapy and Cloning
Go over Quiz....Turn it back in! HW: Review Due tomorrow...TEST TUESDAY! Rules for Protein Synthesis Bingo: 1. Playing as a class! Most points win :)
2. False bingo's will cause a deduction in points and loss of privelages.
3. 5 min to complete the amino acids ( one person writes whiles the other uses the amino acid chart to decode)
4. Mutations will occur so use pencil to mark your X's
5. This is for a participation grade! GOOD LUCK! Agenda for March 6, 2012 All personal belongings should be on the side tables.
Turn in your review into the folder.
Missing work???? Turn it in to me for a late grade!

Subject: Protein Synthesis Agenda for March 7, 2012 Grab a color pencil and amino acid bingo card.
Protein synthesis bingo!
Winner: Free 100, movie day or snack day! Happy Birthday!
Jack-2nd Genetic Engineering Genetic Recombination 1 out of 6 million bases
6 per cell Why are we not odd in appearence???? 1. Area that doesn't code 2. Same protein created/doesn't change much UCU --> UCA
Serine Serine Protein Synthesis Test Day DON'T TURN IN REVIEW YET!!!! Turn in your packet after the test.
Put all your belongings on the side tables...phones in the middle! Genetic Engineering Article/Poster 1. Select an Article, reading it out and return finished product (job 1)

2. Write the following on a poster board (job 2)
*Title and drawing
*Type of Genetic Engineering (Gene therapy, Gene modification or Cloning)
* Summary of article
* 2 Pros/2 Cons

3. 1 minute presentation of poster and return markers (job3) WHY SEQUENCE OUR GENES? Compare close relationship Find genetic mutations Replace mutated gene Create flawless DNA Adding in favorable genes Beaker Babies * You have a set of genes for the same trait (one from mom and one from dad). Why do we only see one trait then? Presentations!!!!!!!!!! Grab your poster and be ready
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