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becca grear

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of 4.03

4.03 The Roaring Twenties
Becca Grear
The Great Gatsby was a very popular novel during this time period. It gave the vision that you could achieve anything in America, which is what everyone wants to believe.
New Roles for Women
In the 1920s the roles of women started to change. Fancier clothes and makeup started to become a trend. Women also started enjoying leisure activities that they could not before. It was also very common to find women fighting for equality. Finally, they started becoming more involved in the work force.
This image represents the alcohol ban that happened in the 1920s. The buttons were used as a way of protesting against the 18th amendment. They also threatened to not work if alcohol production and sales were not brought back.
Harlem Renaissance
Sargent Claude Johnson was a very big African American artist during the Harlem Renaissance. His artwork helped African Americans show their cultural through art in America.
During fundamentalism in the 1920s, people were trying to get their religious (scientific) viewpoints across. This artifact shows how people would attempt to persuade people of what they believed in.
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