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Year 9 Leadership

No description

Penny Quinn

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Year 9 Leadership

Year 9 Leadership
Building together

1. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities
2. Make a difference in the lives of others
3. You will become a good listener, and a good communicator
4. You will value other people’s opinion

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!
You don't have to have all of these characteristics at once to be a good leader;

but you have to be willing to learn and develop new skills every day.

This is just a start!!!!!
is influencing people
providing purpose
don't become leaders overnight.

5. You will be kind and patient
6. Have a positive attitude
7. will be enthusiastic
8. will set a good example
9. do what is right no matter what

You can do it!
You may say:
It's impossible to have all these skills, I'm not super-human!

To be a strong leader,
you will develop the following skills.
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