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A Series of Unfortunate Events

No description

michelle wang

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Fact: In each book there are
13 chapters
A Series of Unfortunate Events, is by Lemony Snicket pen name of author Daniel Handler. First book of the series - The Bad Beginning- was released on September 30 1999.
The Reptile Room
or Murder!
The Bad Beginning
or Orphans
Released: September 30, 1999
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Chapters: 13
The three Baudelaire children, were informed that their loving parents perished, in a fire that destroyed their enormous mansion. Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire were left behind an gigantic fortune. They were placed in the care of their distant uncle- Count Olaf- who was a revolting man, and actually wanted to steal the fortune ,which the Baudelaire parents left behind until Violet comes of age. Count Olaf and his theater troupe, plan to marry Violet in a play to steal the fortune. Olaf threatens that if Violet says " I Don't " , one of Olaf's associates will release Sunny from his tower. The day on the " wedding"
Violet signs the marriage certificate. Count Olaf reveled this scheme the the audience, and aloud Sunny to be free from the tower. Violet points out she signed the marriage certificate with her left hand but Violet is right handed, but the laws state bride and grooms, have to sign with their own hands. With this point the marriage pact is not sealed. Count Olaf escapes with his theater troupe, but before he does so, he promises Violet he shall get his hands on the fortune, and it is the last thing he shall ever do.
The Baudelaire children are sent with Uncle Monty. Their uncle is a herpetologist who discovered the Incredibly Deadly Viper. When the children saw the Viper, it bit Sunny on the chin, causing Violet and Klaus to panic. But Uncle Monty explains that the Viper's name is just misnomer, because since he and his assistant Gustav discovered it they got to name it. Sunny and Viper then became friends. A few days later Uncle Monty got a
note from Gustav saying he quit. Uncle Monty hires a new assistant named Stephano, who the children immediately recognized as Count Olaf in disguise. Stephano threatens if any of them tell Uncle Monty that he is Count Olaf, he shall cut of one of Sunny's toes with his very sharp knife. The next day the children find their uncle's corpse in the reptile room, with two holes under his left eye that looked like a snake bite. Stephano attempt to whisk the Bauldelaires to Pero, their car crashed with Mr Poe's car. Stephano revealed that Uncle Monty is dead. When the Baudelaires attempt to tell Stephano is Count Olaf, Stephano made up a excuse that he went to the doctor, to investigate Uncle Monty's body, and the children are too upset to be left alone. They went back to the house and found the person investigating Monty's body - Dr. O. Lucafont. While Sunny and Klaus interrupt the adults, Violet goes into Sephano's suitcase by inventing a lock pick. She returned with evidence
( a needle, snake venom, ) to bring Stephano to justice. The children convinced Mr Poe to wipe of Stephano's ankle with a handkerchief, to wear away the powdery makeup, then the tattooed eye stared back at the staring eyes of the Baudelaire children. When Dr Lucafont prepares to take Olaf away, Sunny bit the doctor's stiff hand, and is revealed that he was not Dr Lucafont after all, but instead The Hook Handed Man. They escaped. Later a man from the Herpetology Society came to take away the snakes. The children rushed outside to wave goodbye to the Incredibly Deadly Viper with tears in their eyes. All ends WELL ... OR HAS IT?!
The Wide Window or Disappearance !
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to live with their Aunt Josephine, after the death of their former guardian Uncle Monty. Their aunt lives on top of a high hill, above Lake Lachrymose. Aunt Josephine is obsessed with grammer, and have a irrational fear of almost everything. She often corrects the children's grammer, and talks about her dead husband - Ike Anwhistle. Ike failed to wait one hour to swim in Lake Lachrymose, he got devoured by the Lachrymose Leeches. The next day, the children and their new guardian to the grocery store. When their aunt instructed Violet to by some cucumbers, the eldest Baudelaire bumped into Count Olaf. He was dressed as a sailor, with a fake patch over one eye, a peg leg to cover his eye tattoo and wearing a sailor's hat, with matching clothes. Aunt Josephine and the other two children appeared, all Baudelaires appeared, and recognized him at once. As they try to reveal his identity, Count Olaf introduced himself as Captain Sham. They went back to their not- very- safe house. When they were having chilled cucumber soup the phone rang. When Violet answered it, there was the wheezy voice which made her blood ran cold- it was the voice of Captain Sham. She hurriedly hung the phone
( not very polite). It ran again. Josephine decided to face her fears and answered the phone. She said it was
Aunt Josephine's fears
Doormats : Someone might trip over and break their neck.
Doorknobs: Might get smashed and one shatter might hit her eye.
Fridge and Sofas: Might fall over and crush you flat
Radiator: Can explode.
Realtors: They might steal your houses.
Cars: Doors might get stuck and you will be trapped inside.
Telephones: Electricity shock.
Books: Paper cut.
Avocados: Pit might get logged in our throats .
Having Hair in her Face: ( reason unknown)

The Only Rational Fear
Lake Lachrymose Leeches
Captain Sham, who said he prepared a surprise for the children their Aunt Josephine told them to go to their room without them eavesdropping. Few minutes later... Josephine Anwhistle was GONE! They went to the house library. The Wide Window was smashed, and a note lay there waiting for them... they were placed in the care of Captain Sham. They rang Mr Poe. The children, Mr Poe, and Captain Sham went to have lunch in a poorly rated restaurant called the Anxious Clown. Violet then felt a lump in her pocket. It was the peppermints Mr Poe gave them on the way to Aunt Josephines' house, the Baudelaire children are allergic to peppermints, but they are to polite to tell Mr Poe. They gave themselves allergic reaction to make more time to escape from Captain Shams' clutches. The next few seconds, Klaus started to talk in " Blahs" for his tongue swelled like balloons, Violet scratched her irritating hives and Sunnys' tongue swelled and had hives. Mr Poe saw the children's condition and sent them back to Josephines' house. Klaus went to read the note , while the girls took a bath. He noticed many grammatical errors. At the end the words spelled Curdled Cave, a cave from Lake Lachrymose. When their sisters came he explained that Aunt Josephine is not dead... Not yet. They went to Josephines' room and found a book that can help them. The Lachrymose Atlas. As they went out of the room, the house was about to tumble down the cliff into the depths of Lake Lachrymose. They made it out in time. They went to the sailboats renting place. But one of Captain Shams' associate was a there already. The Person which looked Neither like a Man or Woman. She or He grabbed all three children, but stepped and slipped on the atlas. The Baudelaires stole a sailboat and sailed across Lake Lachrymose. When they got to Curdled Cave, Aunt Josephine was there, sobbing very hardly. Aunt Josephine refused to leave the cave until Klaus convince, that Curdled Cave is for sale so realtors will come sooner or later. Before they sailed for long the leeches were attacking, for Aunt Josephine ate a banana shortly before the children arrived at Curdled Cave. When Violet invented something to attract attention, a more unpleasant situation appeared through the thick fog, Captain Sham was there. He pushed Aunt Josephine overboard, and sailed back to town with the Baudelaires. When they arrived Mr Poe was waiting for them there. When the evil man was about to whisk the children away, Sunny bit the peg leg, which broke in two, and revealed the staring eye tattoo. The Person which looked neither like a Man or Woman and Count Olaf escaped. Leaving the children and Mr Poe alone in the enormous, wicked world.
Aunt Josephine's Note
Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire,
By the time you read this note, my life will be at it's end. My heart is as cold as ike and I find life inbearable. I know your children may not understand the life of a sad dowadger, or what would have leaded me to the desperate akt, but please know I am more happier this way. As my last will and testament, I leave you three in the care of Captain Sham, a kind and honorable men. Please think of me kindly even though I'd done this terrible thing.
Part 2
Curdled Cave
Ike is meant to be ice : C
Inbearable is Unbearable: U
Your is You: R
Dowadger is Dowager : D
Leaded is Led: L

Akt is Act: C
Men is Man: A
I'd is I've: V
Real Leeches Suck Blood
The Miserable Mill
or Hypnotism
The Baudelaire orphans arrives at the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill. They were greeted by an optimistic person named Phil. They meet their strict guardian named Sir, and his generous partner Charles. The next day they woke up, with the banging sounds of pots from the revolting Foreman Flacutono. While working the foreman tripped Klaus over, causing his glasses to break. Charles escorted Klaus to the eye- shaped building, for his glasses to be fixed by Dr Georgina Orwell. That evening the two sisters waited for Klaus, until they went to look for his themselves. By the building Klaus suddenly appeared, with his eyes staring blankly. The sisters immediately knew something was wrong. The next day while working, Klaus still had blank eyes and was in charge of the stamping machine. While Violet and Sunny share their concerns to Phil, the stamping machine caused a rock to land on Phils' left leg, injuring him. Foreman Flacutono blamed Klaus for the accident. At the mention the word "inordinate,"Klaus started to act normal once more. But the Foreman tripped Klaus, causing his glasses to break again. This time Violet and Sunny took Klaus to Dr Orwell. Violet and Sunny thought that Klaus might be hypnotized, and Orwell was the Hypnotist. They were waiting for their brother in the receptionist room, until they saw receptionist Shirley looking at them...it was Count Olaf. When their brother came out he was looking dazed, as if he have not slept well. At night the sisters crept into Charles' library, and Violet read a thick book about eyes. She read about how to unhypnotize people, is by saying a special word. Suddenly there came the sound of a lumbermill machine. They went to a small room where Charles was tied in a log with the most deadliest machine, the saw was about to start slicing Charles up, and Klaus was being mind controlled by Foreman Flacutono. Violet knew the word was inordinate, and shouted it above the sound of the whirring saw. A few moments later Dr Orwell appears, along with Shirley. Sunny got into a sword fight with the Doctor, using only her teeth to defend and attack, Violet got grabbed by Shirley and Flacutono, while Klaus fortunately invented a something to get Charles out of the way of the whirring saw. When Orwell almost brought the sword to little Sunnys' throat, Sirs' booming voice ran through the room, and there was a accident after all, for Dr Georgina Orwell stepped backwards in surprise into the path of the whirring saw, and was fatally cut in half. Mr Poe discussed the ghastly situation with Sir, and when the children begged Mr Poe to look at Shirley's ankle, there was the eye tattoo. Flacutono throws of his disguise and it was revealed he was the bald man who works for Count Olaf. They escaped, and Sir refused to raise the children any longer, because he blamed the orphans for the accident, causing the three children to walk into the dark shadow of unknown.
The Austere Academy
or Kidnap!
The Baudelaire children are sent by Mr Poe to Prufrock Preparatory School, after their previous guardian- Sir gave them up. While they were going to meet their guardian, a rude girl named Carmelita Spats shoved them out of her way, and called them " Cakesniffer." The Baudelaires meet their new guardian, who turns out to be Vice Principal Nero, a man who likes to min mick and mock the children, and forces them to live in the Orphans Shack. At lunch, Camelita bullies the siblings, by banging her silverware and singing in the most terrible voice you would have ever heard in your entire life. A few moments later Duncan and Isadora Quigmare helps them avoid Carmelita, by inviting them over to their table. The Quigmaires parents and their third triplet all perished in a fire to, and Isadora and Duncan are left behind a fortune in the form of sapphires. Violets' teacher Mr Remora is a man who never stops eating bananas and tells short dull stories, which the students have to re-write it in their notebooks. On the fortunate hand, Duncan sits beside Violet, on the unfortunate hand Carmelita sits behind Violet, and quite often she would poke Violet with a stick she finds in the lawn, and whisper " Orphan."The opposite of Mr Remora's classroom is Klaus's classroom. Mrs Bass is Klaus's teacher who places an object on each students' desk and shout "measure!". Quite often Isadora and Klaus would poke their tongues to each other, meaning to tell each other Mrs Bass is extremely boring. Sunny have to work as Nero's assistant, and Nero forces her to make her own staples when they raN out. At dinner, Nero incroduces the new gym teacher, Couch Genhis, who the Baudelaires recognized as Count Olaf. Couch Genhis whore turban to cover his one eyebrow, gym clothes and some expensive running shoes, covering his eye tattoo. At night , the Couch made the children paint a enormous circle, with paint that glows in the dark at night. Afterwords, he force the two older siblings to run, and
Sunny to crawl as fast as she can. When the sun rose,
Genghis aloud the children to go to bed. The next few days the same things happened. Later Violet and Klaus started failing their tests and Sunny does not know how to make her own staples. The Quimaires, and Baudelaires came up with a plan, to help avoid Klaus and Violet to not be expelled, and Sunny to not be fired. Duncan disguised himself as Klaus, Isadora disguised herself as Violet and a bag of flour represented Sunny, so the Quigmaires run laps in order to give Violet and Klaus time to study from their notebooks, while Sunny tries to make staples. Later Mr Remora, Mrs Bass, and Nero arrive to give the children their test. The Baudlaires past the test, and Sunny satisfied Nero with the staples Violet made for her. But the children's triumph did not last for long, for Couch Genghis explained the children's plan to Nero, who expelled and fired the Baudelaires. Couch Genghis attempt to escape, but Violet unraveled the turban, revealing the one eyebrow, and Sunny bit open his shoes, to reveal the eye tattoo. Klaus ran past them . In the lawn, his worst nightmares came true. The cafeteria women turn out to be the White Face Women, and was dragging the Quigmares to the car. Count Olaf catches up, snatched the notebooks out of Klaus's hand and drove away. Isadora and Duncan manages to shout out a word to the Baudelaires. V.F.D. Mr Poe arrives, and Nero refuses to raise the children any longer, because he blames them for the trouble that just happened. The school's motto was Remember You'll Die, and they vowed that before they die they will solve the mystery of V.F.D and find the Quigmaires.
Isadora's Poems.
I'd rather eat a bowl of vampire bats
Than spent a hour with Carmelita Spats

It'll be a stroke of luck
if Couch Genhis is hit by a truck.

The Ersatz Elevator
Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to live with a wealthy couple at Dark Avenue. They are greeted by the doorman the couple hired, to keep Count Olaf away, and told them that the elevators are out of use, and the couple live on the top floor, which they have to climb the stairs to get to. When they finally got to the top, they are greeted by Jerome Squalor. Later his wife Esme Gigi Geniveve Squalor, turned out to be the city's six most important adviser. Jerome explains that Esme is attracted to whats in and out, and it was she who insisted in having the elevators removed. The next day, Esme buys the children oversized pinstripe suits, because it is " in". After they got dressed, their new guardians told them a auction is coming up, and the auctioneer is coming to meet them. The auctioneer turned out to be a man named Gunther, who the children recognized as Count Olaf in disguise. He wore high boots to cover his eye tattoo. When the children tried to tell their guardians, Esme said they were babbling absolute nonsense and told Jerome to take the children to Cafe Samonllela, so she and Gunther could organize the auction privately. The children tried to reveal Gunther's identity Jerome kindly says the children had to think of something else, and invites them to slide down the banisters. When they got back to the apartment, the doorman would not let them in, because Esme instructed to let them in after Gunther had left. Afterward, Esme came down and said Gunther left hours ago. They went back up and went to sleep, from Esme's orders. The next day when the guardians had left, the children shares their suspicions, because the doorman said Gunther had not left, but Esme says he had. The children wonder around the apartments, leaving bread crumbs on the floor just in case they get lost. After searching the children went down to the waiting rooms only to get greeted by their guardians. The next day when their guardians left, Klaus became suspicious because on each floor, there is only one elevator, but on the top floor there are two pairs of elevator. When the children went to the second elevator, there was a up button. Why need a top button while you are already on the top floor?? The children pressed the up button, and in front of their eyes was a empty, useless elevator shaft. Violet then invented a long rope, out of Jerome's ties, and tied them with the Devil's Tongue Knot. When they climbed to the bottom, and saw the trembling figures of Isadora and Duncan Quigmire inside a locked cage. Violet then tries to invent a way to get them out of the cage, before Gunther sneaks them out of town in one of the auction items. The Baudelaires climb back up, so together they can invent some welding torches. After the torches were finished they climbed back down only to find out the cage was empty. They climbed back up, and looked at the items of the auction list and found one of the items to be called V.F.D. They believed the Quigmaires are trapped inside V.F.D, and told Esme as soon as she came back home. Their guardian told them the auction Veblen Hall, and as they got out of the apartment, Esme says they will take the elevator, and pushed them down the empty shaft. To the children's surprise, they were trapped in a giant net, stretched across the shaft. Esme reveals she had known Gunther's secret identity the whole, and ends the conversation by saying " Toodle doo orphans" and claims she had the worst time raising then. When Esme was gone the children thought about their grim situation until Sunny climbs up with her teeth, when she got the rope they used earlier, she threw herself down. The children climbed down, but stopped at a dead end. Until, they noticed there was a trap door above them, and climbed out, only to find themselves standing in the ruins of the Baudelaire mansion. They asked a mailman for directions to Veblen Hall, who was thought the children were ghosts, for the Baudelaires were covered in dust. They rushed to Veblen Hall, and found Jerome, and begs him to buy lot V.F.D. When it started to get more expensive Mr Poe and Jerome stopped betting for it. When a man in sunglasses, who the children suspected to be Gunther's accomplice, almost bought the lot V.F.D, Sunny yelled out thousand, causing her to win the auction, when the children got onto the stage, Esme tries to stop them from opening it, claiming it is illegal to open the lot before they paid, but the children ignored her, and opened the box, but it was not the Quigmaires who they expected to see, instead some dollies. Gunther and Esme reveals that V.F.D, turns out to be Very Fancy Dollies, and they placed it there in order to trick the children. The Quigmaires were really trapped inside two red herring statues in Lot 48. Gunther slips on one of the dollies and Sunny bit open his boots revealing his tattoo. Esme and Count Olaf escapes along with the doorman who turned out to be the Hook Handed Man. Later Jerome gives them up saying he was too cowardly for them, causing the children to be waiting to be put with another guardian.
Count Olaf remained the main suspect, to the children of who burned down the Baudelaire Mansion. If he did do this, it may be to get revenge on Beatrice and Bertrand Baudelaire, for murdering his parents, by giving them a box of poison tarts of Kit Snicket, or to inherit the Baudelaire Fortune.
Before the Baudelaire parents died, Violet made a Violin which made horrible shrieking noises and she hid it under her bed to not remind her of her inventing failure. Klaus read a book on war which was too difficult so he hid it under his bed, and Sunny once tried to bite a stone which still remained in one piece, so she hid it under, or in her crib.
Later in The End, the book that the Baudelaires found on the island was called A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was written by the Baudelaire parents, states that if their first child was a boy, they would call him Lemony.
Mr Poe's children, were described to be ill-mannered and wished for the Baudelaire children to leave their house as soon as possible.
Esme only married Jerome, because it of the tunnel way that led to the Baudelaire Mansion, and for his money.
Ike Anwhistle and Beatrice Baudelaire are revealed to have a rare talent of having to whistle with crackers in their mouths.
In Count Olafs' theater troupe, there is - The Hook Handed Man, The Bald Man with a Long Nose,
Two Powdered Face Women, A Person Who Looks Neither Like a Man or a Woman, and a Pimple Faced man who never appeared after The Bad Beginning.
The Vile Village.
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are in the back of Mr Poe's car, reading a Daily Punctilio about their kidnapped friends, Isadora and Duncan Quigmaire, and Count Olaf. The children noticed that the paper, was filled with mistakes, for it said the Quigmaires are twins, instead of triplets, and saying Count Olaf is Count Omar. Mr Poe got a phone call , that the Village of Fowl Devotees would like to raise them. When they got there, the bus driver warns them that the village have a lot of strict, meaningless and odd rules. When they got to the village, one of the villagers said they will live with the town handyman, Hector. When the children got to Hector's place, the children notices that Hector is breaking some town rules, by keeping secretly library books, that is meant to be burned, and inventing a self-sustaining hot air mobile home, so he can fly away from V.F.D forever. When the children talked about their life, they said that their friend Isadora likes to write couplets, and Hector gives them a couplet he found under the Nevermore Tree. It read - For sapphires we are held in there, Only you can end our fear. The next day, they had to do a lot of chores, such as - scrub Fowl Fountain, trim a elder's garden hedge, wash all the windows of another elder's house, make milkshakes and wash them after, etc. That night Sunny decided see should guard the tree, just in case any more couplets appear under the tree again. Indeed, in the morning a new couplet appeared there - Until dawn comes we cannot speak, No words can come from this sad beak. That day the children were told that Count Olaf had been captured by the new chief of police. Officer Luciana. But when the children went to the town hall it was not Count Olaf, but instead when the man was trying to defend himself Jacques Snicket. The town people who still believe he was
Count Olaf, concludes that he is to be burned to a stake next afternoon. That evening Klaus looks up in the town rulebook, to find something that he can defend Jacques, Violet helps Hector finish is mobile home, while Sunny guards Nevermore tree for the night. The next morning, Sunny finds a new couplet- The first thing you read contains a clue, An initial way to speak to you. When they rushed to the town jail to defend Jacques, it was too late for Jacques was murdered. In the town hall, Detective Dupin comes in to investigate the body, and the children recognized him as Count Olaf. Dupin blames the children for this murder, because he says he found a hair ribbon which looked nothing like Violet's, and Klaus's lens but he have his lens, and some fake teethmarks when Sunny was nowhere near the jail. The towns people says they are to be burned tomorrow evening. The children who was sent to the dirtiest cell by Dupin. Dupin says he shall murder two of them and capture one to get the fortune, and it shall be their choice to decide who lives and dies.Violet then uses the water that Luciana gave to them, to weaken the mortar that was holding bricks together. While doing so Hector sneaks into jail, and gives them a new couplet- Inside the letters the eye will see, Nearby are your friends and V.F.D. When the process of the water was completed, they are able to escape. The side of the poem put together spells FOUNTAIN. They hurried to Fowl Fountain and found their friends in the fountain. When they rescued their friends the elders found them and chased them across the streets. When they reached Hector's house they found him activating the mobile home. Isadora and Duncan manages to climb up the letter in mid air, but Luciana fires a harpoon which broke the rope. The Quigmaires managed to shout out one word of V.F.D- volunteer and throws them their notebooks, but the papers got destroyed when Luciana fires another harpoon. Count Olaf escapes once more when the towns people realize he was still alive, and Luciana turned out to be Esme Squalor. The children ran away for they are framed for murder.
Isadora's Poem
For sapphires we are held in there,
Only you can end our fear.

Until dawn comes we cannot speak
No words can come from this sad beak.

The first thing you read contains a clue,
An initial way to speak to you.

Inside these letters your eye will see,
Nearby are your friends and V.F.D.
Which one is SAPPHIRE ?
The Hostile Hospital
Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire arrive at The Last Chance General Store, after escaping from the Village of Fowl Devotees, when they are framed for the fake murder of Count Olaf. The shopkeeper allows them to send a telegram to Mr Poe. When a man named Lou came to deliver the Daily Punctilio, a poorly written newsletter about the Baudelaires
the shopkeeper and Lou tries to catch the children, but they escape on a van filled with the singing of Volunteers Fighting Diseases who are on the way to Helmich Hospital. They went to Babs who gives them a job to work in The Library of Records with a poor eye sighted man named Hal. Hal says the children are not aloud to enter the library for they might lose some important files. Hal says he recognizes the children from a file n the library. Later a man named Mattatias takes over Babs, and the children recognizes is voice Count Olaf's. He theifs the hospital, by asking all of the special things, such as jewelery and others for safekeeping in his office. Violet invents fake keys out of paper clippers, to switch with the real keys to break into the library of records. It is known that there are pages of the Snicket Files, that contains information for Count Olaf's crimes, that is able to bring him to justice. When Hal left the children went into the library of records and found a Snicket File under Baudelaire. The children reads the file, and it said that there might be one survivor of the Baudelaire Fire up in Mount Fraught where it is the last remaining place of the V.F.D headquarters. While reading Esme Squalor breaks in to destroy the Snicket File, and manage to capture Violet while Klaus and Sunny escape to the unfinished half of the hospital. Mattatias announces that Dr. O. Lucafont and Dr Flatocno will perform a craniectomy on Laura.V. Bleediote , who was actually Violet in disguise. Then, Klaus and Sunny disguise themselves as doctors, for safety to move around in the hospital without being recognized, but only get mistaken as the two White- Faced Women by Esme Squalor. During the "Operation " Klaus And Sunny were the ones to perform the surgery, while Dr Lucafont ( hook handed man) and Dr Flactono ( bald man ) supervise. While they are expected to saw of an unconscious Violet's head, they try to prevent themselves to do it, until the anesthesia wore of. Later Esme arrives with the two White Faced Women and revealed Klaus and Sunny. Hal now believes that the children are murderers and they went into the library to destroy their framed crimes. Hal also believes that they set a fire to cover their tracks. Klaus and Sunny escapes along with Violet, by scooting on the gurney, while doing so Violet's anesthesia slowly wears of, and can hide in a closet, while the man who looks Neither Like a Man or a Women stormed through the corridors. Violet disturbs the crowd by inventing a echoing microphone, and say they are in the unfinished half of the hospital, so they can escape from the front entrance. The children invents a rope out of rubber cords, and bounced out the window, before the man or women broke into the closet. They hide into the trunk of Count Olaf's car and breaths through the bullet holes. The man or woman never made it out.
The Carnivorous Carnival
While hiding in the trunk of Count Olaf's car they overhear they are heading to Madame Lulu's Carnival. When
Count Olaf and his theater troupe left, the disguised themselves as Carnival Freaks, after overhearing Madame Lulu saying she needed more freaks for the carnival, Violet and Klaus disguised as the two-headed freak Beverly and Elliot, and talks in high-pitched, low-pitched voices, while Sunny disguises as Chabo the Wolf-Baby, in a prickly beard. Madame Lulu accepts them into the House of Freaks. The lived in tents, along with the other freaks,
Colette, the person who can bend her body into all kinds of shapes and positions, Hugo, the most kindest and is a hunchback, and Kevin, a man who can write with both hands and is very sensitive, about people talking about him. They were forced to perform in a humiliating show, where the rude audience laugh and throw food at them.
That night Sunny recognized her talent for cooking, when she added cinnamon to Hugo's hot chocolate. Madame Lulu says she can only do fortune telling at dawn. The children overhear Count Olaf asking Madame Lulu, if one of the Baudelaire parent is still alive and she replies YES. That morning, Count Olaf whips some lions, that was locked in a cage, and tells the freaks that in tomorrow evening's show, the freaks shall write their names on a small piece of paper, and Olaf will pick out a name. Whoever's name gets picked out will have to jump into the a deep pit full of lions, that his remaining accomplices will dig, and get devoured. Esme Squalor comes in the freak's tent that evening, and gives the freaks presents. She gave Hugo a enormous coat to cover his hunchback, a rope for Kevin, so he can tie one hand behind his back, and gives Colette a large robe, and for Violet and Klaus, she gives them a paper bag to cover one of their heads. Esme is jealous of all the attention that Olaf is giving to Lulu, so she says whoever name got picked they will push Lulu in instead. Violet, Klaus and Sunny investigates Lulu's tent, and discovered she was cheating. She only said she can fortune tell at dawn, so the rising sun can shine down the hole in the tent's roof, to make light go into the fake glass ball. She hid newsletters under the table, that was mostly about the Baudelaires, so Olaf will know where to find them. Madame Lulu discovers the children and demands what they are doing. The children were of cause, angry at Lulu's forgery, so when the children unmasked her she felt upset. She explained she used to be a member of V.F.D, and her motto is to give people what they want. Her real name is Olivia Caliban. The children and Olivia plans to leave the carnival and travel to Mount Fount, to find out if one Baudelaire parent was really alive. At the show the rude audience was waiting for a freak to get devoured. Beverly and Elliot's names were chosen, and they continued to stall the audience to avoid Madame Lulu and themselves getting pushed into the enormous pit. The bald man began to lose patience and pushes Madame Lulu in but at the end they both ended up in the belly of the beast. The rest of the freaks join Count Olaf and the children went with Olaf since he is burning the tents down. Sunny is stuck with Count Olaf and Esme in the front seat, while Violet and Klaus follows with the caravan. The other freaks cut the rope that connected the car and the caravan together, and Count Olaf says he would not dream of hurting Sunny, for they need one orphan to get the fortune.
Beatrice Baudelaire is Lemony Snicket's former love interest. In front of every book there will be a note for Beatrice.
After the Baudelaires are separated from their new friend, Quigley, they stumble upon a submarine, known as the Queequeg. Inside they are welcomed by Captain Widdershins, Phil (from the Miserable Mill), and Widdershins' stepdaughter Fiona, a wonderful mycologist. Phil now works as a cook. The children discovers the crew are looking for the mysterious Sugar Bowl. Klaus examined the tidal charts, to see if there is a possible location, of the Sugar Bowl, and suspects it is in the Gorgonian Grotto. Fiona knows that the Grotto contains a rare, poisonous mushrooms. They wax at a certain time, but when they wax, they are extremely deadly. Fiona suspects there may be an antidote to cure anyone who got poisoned by the mushroom. At dinner they share what they discovered so far. Widdershins mention the Snicket Siblings, who did noble acts. Kit Snicket helped build the submarine, Jacques Snicket was a brilliant researcher like Klaus, and before Widdershins could mention the third sibling, Fiona interrupts him, asking about the V.F.D headquarters the Baudelaire children had been to. When the submarine arrives at the Grotto, Fiona, Violet, Klaus and Sunny were sent in to look for the Sugar Bowl. In the Grotto, there are many washed up junks, such as newspapers. While looking, the poisonous mushroom, known as the Medusoid Mycelium to some V.F.D members and Fiona started to wax. The children scurry to other side of the cave to avoid being poisoned by it's deadly spores. They distract themselves of the thought of being poisoned, by looking at the objects around the room. The find a book of poetry, a personal letter, and some articles related to V.F.D. Sunny finds a tin of wasabi and decided to bring it back to the Grotto to prepare a meal with her cooking skills. When the mushroom stopped waxing the children put on their diving helmets and returned to the Queequeg. When they returned Phil, Widdershins, and the crew vanished without a trace. When Violet was about to open Sunny's diving helmet, Fiona stops her, for the waxing mushrooms was in Sunny's helmet. Fiona forbids the older Baudelaires to open the helmet while she looks for an antidote. Suddenly, another submarine invades the Queequeg, and the owner of the invader, was no other than Count Olaf. The children were all captured, and led into the brig, and bumped into The Hook-Handed man, who turns out to be Fiona's long lost biological brother. Fiona begs her brother to return them to the Queequeg, and save Sunny. He only agrees when the children says they will take him along. Violet and Klaus realizes the antidote was Horseradish when they read a V.F.D couplet. They searched the kitchen and no Horseradish was to be found, Sunny manages to gasp out one word- WASABI, and her siblings fed her some of the wasabi she brought back from the cave. Sunny takes a short nap, and they receive a message from Quigley. Klaus decodes the message and discovers their friend wants to meet them at Briny Beach, two days before the V.F.D meeting at Hotel Denouement. They are discovered by Count Olaf and his remaining accomplices- Esme, Carmelita(who was dressed in a absurd outfit), and the Hook Handed Man. Olaf announces Fiona joined his side, to be with Fernald the Hook Handed Man. Fiona later knowing she made the wrong decision, allows them to escape back to the Queequeg. The next day, they arrive at Briny Beach. Mr Poe emerges out the fog. However, Violet decoded the last paragraph of the message, which says a taxi will be waiting for them. They see in the distance, a taxi. They bid farewell, to Poe and ran to the taxi. Behind the weel was a unknown woman. She introduces herself to be Kit Snicket, the children climb onboard, and rode over the horizon.
The Grim Grotto
The Penultimate Peril
The children are traveling with a pregnant Kit Snicket. They are traveling to Hotel Denouement, and work as concierges, to find out if the mysterious J.S is a V.F.D volunteer or a villain. Kit also warns them them about the two Hotel Managers- Frank and Ernest. Identical brothers, Frank is a volunteer, while Ernest is a villain. She also mentions the Sugar Bowl which is a object, precious to both villains and volunteers. Violet dressed in her concierge uniform, with sunglasses, goes to the rooftop sunbathing saloon, where she encounters Esme and the star reporter ( who I call a horrible reporter) of the Daily Punctilio, Geraldine Julienne. She overhear them talking about a cocktail party, and they thought J.S is a man/ woman trying to spoil the party, but before she heard more there was the annoying, intimidating voice of Carmelita Spats. She was dressed as a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate, and demands for a harpoon gun. As she leaves she hears Esme saying that her fashionable eye wear watches the skies. When she is down stairs, she bumps into Ernest of Frank who gives her the harpoon gun. Meanwhile, Klaus takes Sir and Charles to the Sauna, he hears them saying a party on Thursday, and a male with the initials J.S, however Frank or Ernest tells Klaus to hang a flypaper-like sticky paper to hang out the window, in order to catch any falling birds. Sunny meets Vice Principal Nero, Mrs Bass and Mr Remora. She leads them to a Indian restaurant ran by Hal( from to Hostile Hospital) who was a terrible cook. Sunny listens to the conversation between Hal and Frank or Ernest, they discuss J.S, and refer to J.S as a woman. Frank or Ernest spot Sunny and gives her a lock to attach, to the laundry room door. At night they discuss what they know. First thing Frank or Ernest cannot be at the same place at the same time. Klaus put their stories together : a crow will deliver the Sugar Bowl, and the crow will get shot down by the Harpoon Gun, land onto the sticky roll, and drop the Sugar Bowl into the laundry room funnel. They see a man in the ceiling. He climbs down and introduces himself to be Dewey, the third triplet of Ernest and Frank. They went outside and Justice Strauss and Jerome Squalor arrive on taxi. Justice Strauss has been working with the High Court to organize a trial for the V.F.D enemies. and Jerome writes a book called Odious Lusting After Finance, in order to bring more attention to Olaf's crimes. They claim on Thursday, all volunteers will hold a trial in the hotel, and all villains will be brought to JUSTICE. They encounter Count Olaf, Hugo, Colette and Kevin. Olaf threatens Dewey with the Harpoon Gun, to tell him where the location of the Sugar Bowl is. The Baudelaires shield Dewey, they are interrupted by Mr Poe's coughing who had came up to investigate the loud noises. Olaf shoves the harpoon gun into the Baudelaires hands, not expecting it, the Baudelaires accidentally drops the harpoon gun, which discharges and the harpoon hits Dewey in the heart, inflicting a fatal wound. The children watches him stumble out to the outside pond, and sinks into the waters. He points to the sky and whispers Kit, the love of his life and is now carrying his baby. The taxi driver asked them if they wanted him to take them away from the hotel, but the children refuse, for they do not know if he is a volunteer or a villain. The whole hotel turned into a chaos, but the chaos is shortly broken by Justice Strauss, who demands for a legal trial in the hotel. Olaf and the Baudelaires are locked in separate rooms in the trial. On the early Wednesday morning, the trial is held. The phrase, " Justice is blind" causes all the people to wear blindfolds except the judges. Olaf gives a speech of his innocence (liar), and the children says they are innocent too. When Justice Strauss stopped commenting in sentences, the children became suspicious and removed their blindfolds, and discovered Justice Strauss's fellow judges, turned out to be the villains they met up in the mountains. Olaf flees to the elevator, with Justice Strauss gagged under his arm. The Baudelaires tells he crowd what has happened, and tries to tell them to take of their blindfolds, but the two villains persuades them to leave them on. The Baudelaires went with Olaf and Justice Strauss to the laundry room, believing the Sugar Bowl was inside. They unlock the door, only to find that the Sugar Bowl was not inside. Outraged, Olaf threatens to release the Medusoid Mycelium in the hotel which will kill everyone. He will then escape, by jumping of the roof in a boat. Violet agrees to help so they can all escape. Sunny then surprisingly suggested to burn down the hotel, and Olaf agrees instructing the children to start the fire in the laundry room. While Olaf, the Baudelaires, and Justice Strauss was in the elevator, the Baudelaires press all the button, so they can stop on each floor and warn the people and let them evacuate, but Olaf says the fire is a lie and most believe him. On the roof, Klaus reveals that the Sugar Bowl is in the pond. Violet makes a parachute out of some laundry room cloths, and they as they were about to leave, Justice Strauss tries to stop the children, but Sunny bites her gently on her hand which was gripping onto the figurehead of the boat, forcing her to let go. The children and Olaf floats safely into the ocean, and the Baudelaires hearts were filled with hope for the people to survive the fire.
. Sunny suggested to set the fire, so Kit who was in the skies, could see that they have failed their mission.
. Esme and Olaf broke up before the trial, for Olaf said-" I'm tired of having a girlfriend obsessed with fashion!!"
. Carmelita sang a song, as absurd as her costume, in the Grim Grotto:
C is for Cute
A is for adorable
R is for ravishing
M is for gorgeous
E is for excellent
L is for lovable
I is for I'm the best
T is for talented.
A is for a tap dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian.
. Odious Lusting After Finance. The first letters of each word in the title, put together, spells OLAF.
. J.S may be Justice Strauss, Jacques Snicket, or Jerome Squalor.
. When the Baudelaires were very young, probably toddlers, Kit gave the Baudelaire parents a box of poison tarts, and gave them to Count Olaf's Parents, who died after eating it, leaving Count Olaf an orphan.
. The lock can be opened, if the person knows- what medical condition does the Baudelaire children share, what weapon left Count Olaf an orphan.
. V.F.D's motto is" the world is silent here."
. In the End there is Chapter Fourteen.

Which Characters ?
Violet Baudelaire, Count Olaf, Esme Gigi Geniveve Squalor, Duncan, Isadora, Aunt Josephine, Quigley, Bald Man with a Long Nose, Hook Handed Man, Larry the Waiter, White faced-Women, Klaus Bauldelaire, Sunny Baudelaire, Kit Snicket,
Jacques Snicket, Madame Lulu ( Olivia Calivan), Arther Poe, Uncle Monty, Incredibly Deadly Viper, Sir, Beatrice Baudelaire.
. The Baudelaires are named after writer Charles Baudelaire
. Grotto is another word for Cave.
. Duncan and Isadora are named after dancer- Isadora Duncan.
. Arther Poe's sister is the editer of the Daily Punctilio.
. There is a note for Beatrice from Lemony Snicket in front of every book.
. It is unknown if Aunt Josephine really died from the leech attack. Only her Life jackets were found, by two fisherman, sometime when the Baudelaire children were at Prufock Preptory School.
. The Hook Handed Man is Fiona's brother and his real name is Fernald.
. Gregor Anwhistle, is the creater of the Medusoid Mycelium.
. In the End, all the islanders are poisoned by the Medusiod Mycelium, and only apples can cure them. Even though Olaf ate the apple , he still died due to a harpoon wound.
. Kit Snicket died in the End after her daughter was born. Her daughter is named Beatrice Snicket, named after Beatrice Baudelaire.
The Baudelaire adopted her after she became an orphan.
. In Frank, Ernest, and Dewey's fifth birthday party, their parents died in a fire, probably set by Olaf.
. Carmelita wrote a book called The Biography of the Smartest, Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World, but most people thinks she is a spoiled, violent, filthy little girl.
. Fiona and Fernald's mother, is said to have died in a manetee accident, but Fiona does not believe this, for manetees are herbivorous.
. Olivia Caliban are somehow related to Thursday Caliban. She may be the sister of Thursday, the aunt of Friday, and the sister-in-law of Miranda Caliban.
. Thursday never died in a manetee accident, truth is- While Miranda in pregnant with Friday, Thursday thought it will be better to leave the island, while Miranda thought it will be better to stay.
. Lemony Snicket may have wrote 13 chapters, and books, because 13 is an unlucky number. He may have wrote the 14th chapter because little luck finally came to the Baudelaires at last.
The End
After the Baudelaires and Olaf flee the burning hotel on a boat, they finally sailed to a small island, that a group of mysterious people in white robes live on. When they hopped on shore, they are greeted by a kind-hearted five year old girl. Olaf names the land Olaf-land after himself, and demands Friday to bow before him, he also threatens her with the harpoon gun from the hotel. She refuses Olaf to continue with her on the island and invites the Baudelaires to meet the island's leader Ishmael, who might give them permission live life on the island. On the way she explains what the islanders do all year long- they build a outrigger on the coastral self, and once a year, the water tides will be high enough for a person or two to sail away. This is known as Decision Day, when one wishes to board the ship, bite a bitter apple, spit it out and sail away forever. They meet Ishmael, he island leader, who has a broken leg. The islanders welcome them with kindness, and Ishmael promises to protect them from Count Olaf. Every time after a storm, the islanders go to the shores, and find anything that may be useful for the island. Ishmael judges these items. The items that he thinks is safe and useful will be kept, and the ones that he regret will end up in a place where there is a large tree which grows bitter apple, and lives a herd of sheep. After another storm, washed up shore was a stack of books tied in a shape of a large cube, and on top of the books are Kit Snicket who was unconscious, and the Incredibly Deadly Viper from Uncle Monty's snake collection. The islanders came and Count Olaf tries to fool them by disguising himself as Kit Snicket, with the diving helmet that contains the Medusoid Mycelium under his dress, to make himself look like he is pregnant. The islanders see through his disguise, and Ishmael orders them to cage him. They later notice the Baudelaires are holding contraband items, so Ismael decides to abandon Kit, Olaf, Incredibly Deadly Viper, and the children are to be left on the shore. After the islanders leave, Count Olaf tries to tempt the children, to let him out of the cage, and he will tell them the answers to the mysteries, that surrounded them ever since their lives became unfortunate. The children ignore him, knowing he was up to no good. That night, two islanders, Erewhon and Finn, went to the shore, to give them food and asked them a favor. A group of islanders who disagree with Ishmael's actions, will munity him in the morning. The ask the children to sneak into he place where they keep the items that are not aloud, to find some weapons. If the children do so, the two islanders will help Kit. As the children went to the place, they notice a trail of footprints with clay, and discovers Ishmael had been breaking the rules, by sneaking out at night with his perfectly healthy leg, to eat an apple, and do other things. They learn that their parents were once the leaders of the islanders, and made the life on island more pleasant, until Ishmael threw them out, while Beatrice was still pregnant with Violet. The children find a book called A Series of Unfortunate Events, which were written by different island leaders, and contains the history of the island. Ishmael then invites them to live a dull and simple life, far from the evil world outside. They Baudelaires and Ishmael go back to the other side of the island and discovers the where munity is already underway. Count Olaf returns, still in disguise, he angers the leader and the leader fires the harpoon into Olaf's stomach also shattering the diving helmet, and realeased the Medusoid Mycelium which affected everyone on the island. While Olaf bleeds to his death, the children rush to the place where the items go to find some horseradish to cure everyone. While looking, they learn their parents had hybid the apples with horseradish, just in case the deadly fungi affect the island later. With the help of the Incredibly Deadly Viper, they gathered enough apples for the whole island. They try to persuade Friday to take one bite, but she apologizes and leave with her mother, Miranda because she had already lost her father. Kit tells them the fate of the Quigmaires, Phil, Hector, Captain Widdershins and his two step-children, Fiona and Fernald. After reuniting on Hector's float, they are attacked by trained eagles, who pop the balloons supporting them, sending them tumbling back into the ruins of the Queequeg. There, they aloud themselves to get taken by a Question Mark shape in the sea, which Kit calls the
Great Unknown. After telling, Kit was about to give birth. She seemed to be dying, due to Medusoid Mycelium, but cannot eat a bitter apple, for it unhealthy for the baby. When Olaf hears she is still alive, he bites a bitter apple, and carries her down onto the beach. Before Olaf dies, they recite a poem. The children helped Kit give birth to a baby girl, who Kit ask to name Beatrice, after Beatrice Baudelaire, a dear friend a her. Kit then dies due to the fungi. The children bury them somewhere on the island, and the children would often visit their graves.
Chapter 14
One year later, after the child was born, the children prepare to sail away from the island. As they were getting ready, Kit's daughter mutters, her name, and the Baudelaire mother's name " Beatrice."
PS: how many black eyes did you count? There was 20
PPS: But did you see the smiling evelope, and the smiling face?
The Slippory Slope
Violet and Klaus are left tumbling in a caravan of the road of the mountain road, while Sunny is held captive be Count Olaf and his accosicates. Violet and Klaus managed to stop the caravan from crashing, by mixing sticky food and pouring them on the weels, with help from Klaus. The siblings travel up the mountain, only to find that the vicious Snow Gnats followed them. They found shelter in a cave, and only recieved a few burning stings. They discovered that the cave is occupied by a group of Snow Scouts, when an unexpected voice which people wish they never heard called them.... "Cakesniffers!" An unnamed boy invited them to stay, which the siblings were graceful for. The leader, which happens to be Carmelita's Uncle Bruce, warmly welcomes them. During night the boy took them to the last and remaining V.F.D headquarters. Olaf, his sidekicks, and Sunny, are up on the highest peak- Mount Fraught. The adults are cruel to Sunny ( athough the White Faced Women show little respect) by forcing her to sleep in the casserole dish, and cooking breakfast in mornings. Two people then arrive at Olaf's campsite. A man with beard but no hair, and a women with hair but no beard, reveal, they have successfully burnt down the remaining V.F.D headquarters. The man then give Esme a green cigarette, which see says is very "in". They give Olaf the first few pages of the Snicket File. The Green Cigarette is actually a Verdant Flammable Device, in which V.F.D members use in emergencies by lighting fire and sending green smokes in the air. Sunny uses one by lying she is using it to cook some freshly caught salmon, to signal her siblings. Violet, Klaus and the boy arrive at the V.F.D headquaters and found it burnt down. Violet and Klaus cry for their parents, but only found out that they were alone. The boy revealed himself to be Quigley Quagmire, the last Quagmire triplet. He sayswhen his mansion was burning, his mother took him under a trapdoor hidden under the carpet, and told him to wait till she gets Isadora and Duncan. He waited fo r hours but no one came so he walked through the passenge way, and found himself in the abandoned house of Uncle Monty, but it was not abandoned after all, for he was greeted by a man called Jacques Snicket. One day, Jacques left the house and told Quigley to stay put untill he comes back. But after many weeks he never did come back, and he recieved a newsletter, claiming Olaf had been caught but actually Jacques was mistaken as him. Quigley decided to go and find his siblings who was kidnapped at that time, and find Jacques, but someone threw a torch inside the reptile room and the whole house burnt. Quigley and Violet decided to climb Mount Fraught after seeing Sunny's signal, while Klaus stays down and tries to find information about V.F.D. When halfway, the two rest in silence, untill Quigley commented on the view but was trying to comment on Violet's good looks. At the top, the are greeted by Sunny. Violet tries to convince for Sunny to come with them but Sunny claims she can be a spy and pass information of useful things Olaf says. Violet disagrees, claiming it is no job for a baby of the danger, and Sunny says her longest sentence- "I'm not a baby anymore!" The bid goodbye to Sunny and climbed back down. Klaus find some information about V.F.D and shares them with Violet and Quigley.
He discovered that a V.F.D member threw a object, known as Sugar Bowl out the window, when the headquarters caught fire. The Sugar Bowl is mysteriously important to V.F.D members and villians. They then cook up a plan to save Sunny. They plan to capture Esme by luring her down, with the Verdant Flammable Device, which Esme thought to be green cigarettes, and trade Esme for Sunny. The lit the "Green Cigarette" and Esme came down. The children decided it is best not to do a villianious act. They put on masks and warns Esme, who thought they were stealing the green cigarettes. The children drag Esme back up the mountain. They try to let Sunny earn her freedom, by saying if they tell them where the Sugar Bowl, the will let Sunny go. After a few arguements, Violet, Klaus, and Quigley took of their masks, and most of the villains gasp in horror and disbelief for they believed the children were long dead. The Snow Scouts came up, led by Bruce, for they believed they are invited to celebrate "False Spring" The Snow Scouts walked into the middle, and Carmelita takes a pole, and crowns herself " The False Spring Queen" while stabbing the pole into the ice causing it to crack at where the siblings and Quigley were standing. The White Faced Women quits the troupe, tired of burning down people's homes, for their third sibling died in a fire to. The Snow Scouts are caught in the net, and got carried away by seagulls along with Bruce. The ice finally breaks and the children are sent tumbling into the icey rivers below. All three Baudelaire siblings are separated from Quigley, due to the rushing currents. Violet and Quigley cried for each other, and Quigley tried to tell them to meet him somewhere, but his voice is drained from the thundering river.
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