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Batman: An Epic Hero

No description

Beethoven Dangerwolf

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Batman: An Epic Hero

What We Know What we want to know Let's Talk Temptation Batman's Conventions When you think determination, you think Batman What we learned •Determination: An epic hero must be determined to complete his quest/journey. Examples of Batman's determination

Examples of women tempting Batman to stray away from his task at hand. The comic book turned television and movie icon caped crusader Batman is a perfect example of an epic hero, and displays the following conventions without debate A Temptress if there ever was one- Catwoman Let's start from the beginning. When Bruce Wayne (aka Batman, but you didn't hear it from me) was just a boy, his parents were murdered in one of Gotham's many dark alleys. Witnessing their demise, he could have fixated himself on their death. Instead, he trained, donned his cowl, and fought to stop crime in his home city. Batman is as epic a hero as they come. Tempted, Determined, but still Going Strong Batman: An Epic Hero Created by: Rosemary Flesher Adam Prewitt Michael Rees-Benyo Thank you for watching Grace Foster •The hero encounters a woman who tempts him to stray away from the task at hand. As a result, the hero must be determined to do nothing but move forward. Heroic conventions Batman is determined by never giving up and fighting for his city. As a child, Batman's parents were murdered, instead of giving up-he fights for his city. Batman- Encounters Women- Catwoman & Poison Ivy With Cat Woman Batman's fighting endeavors hindered by seductive Catwoman during riot on top of roof in Gotham City. The conventions Batman portrays How Batman portrays our two epic conventions Odysseus Odysseus lost from home can't prevent wrong doings occurring at his homestead. Both tempted by woman with typically bad intent. Odysseus - Calypso Batman- Catwoman (Excluding Comic Con) The Temptress: It's plain as day to anyone who knows anything about Batman that he has been tempted. I mean come on, he's Batman, all the ladies want him. Determination: Not any bum off the street could put on a cape and cowl and just start fighting crime. You must be strong, just, smart, and above all, determined. (Plus it never hurts to be a charismatic billionaire) Batman Whether he can do something to prevent evil
or not (of course he can-he's batman) he remains
at home close to danger. Both determined to do something for family. Odysseus getting home for wife, son, and mother while batman is trying to avenge his parents

Both are determined to succeed and do anything to do so

In an attempt to save their home both are tempted by some form of temptress weather it be siren or villanesses As any Batfan should know, the temptress most often faced by Batman is Catwoman. Examples of such occurrences can be found in Batman Returns, the original comic book series, and almost every Batman television series. A truly fatal attraction- Poison Ivy A little less known than Catwoman, the green vixen Ivy. A woman infused with the earth with a sympathetic feeling towards plants, and a kiss deadlier than a venus flytrap. Ivy has attempted to seduce the dark knight on more than one occasion, almost killing him with her venomous kisses. Even against impossible odds against enemies, he never gives up, and he never will. Why? Because he's Batman Batman is filled to the brim with determination, and encounters temptresses every day. You all wish you could be Batman. Batman Temptation Determination Fighting for his city of Gotham, Batman was determined to never lose even in the worst circumstances. He fights the betterment of Gotham City. Batman is the only superhero, besides Ironman, who does not contain superpowers. He is determined to work harder than all of the other superheros to prove he is just as good if not better. Ivy seduces batman so she can
keep him distracted while her minions
destroy the city. Catwoman "distracts" Batman to postpone him from stopping the riot in Gotham.
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