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Wooly Bear Moth...

No description

maria vega

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Wooly Bear Moth...

Woolly Bear Moth...
when the wooly bear moth is fully matured it is ready to lay its eggs and start a new generation of woolly bear moths.
the woolly bear moth is capable for laying up to 100 - 120 eggs.
the eggs hatch after 9 - 11 days the eggs are medium in size and are yellow.
the larvae of the woolly bear moth is orange and black with white thin hairs it looks fluffy but cant sting you.
the amazing skill about the woolly bear moth is, in winter at its coldest the wooly bear moth finds a crevice in between a rock or tree and freezes untill it is warm again it repeats this method every year.
the woolly bear moth lives up to 14 years at a time before turning into a pupa!
the caterpillar turns itself into a pupa for 21 -26 days before turning into a moth.
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