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Region 4

Amy Weaston

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Arguing

Foundation Hook'em Week One Week Two Results Logistics Two weeks to teach
One week of research
Quizzes and tests built-in at various stages
Stay focused on objectives
“I do, We do, You do” mentality Persuasion vs. Argument
Persuasion: trying to get someone to think like you using YOUR side only.
Argument: trying to get someone to think like you using the COUNTERARGUMENT in addition to your side. Who doesn't like to argue??

*Make it matter to them.

*Hold interactive lectures
*Every 10 minutes or so have them do something.
*Journal pages (think/pair/share).
*Turn in at end of period for grade. The Art of Arguing *Set up vocabulary.
*Vocabulary is crucial to understanding context.
*Logical Fallacies handout.
*Ethos/Logos/Pathos discussion.
*Read and discuss Patrick Henry using handout as a whole class.
*Partner up for ID of logos/pathos t chart.
*Discuss at this point – which is most effective.
*Timed writing plan (teams or individuals).
*Friday write out essay individually. *Show kids good and bad examples of timed writes.
*Speed grade timed writes.
*Photo copy good and bad examples. Make sure you black out any names.
*Quiz over Speech.
*Classical Model powerpoint.
*Student examples.
*Intro argument essay.
*Research/edit/publish Rubric
Social Media
*Remind 101
*webinars (Adobe Connect) Amy Weaston
Seven Lakes High School Contact Information
Amy Weaston
Seven Lakes High School
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