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Elizabeth Manda

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Krakatoa

Krakatoa Eruption
where the eruption? happen
The eruption happened at the sunda strait.
Who did this happen to? mostley Indonensian people,duch people,holiday makers were all the kiiind how wihtnesd the eruptioneven thought other saw the smoke and heard about it.
W hat happened the huge domat valcano erupted sending a huge amount of smoke and ashes flying up into the air the eruption could be seen from Perth Australia.
Why did it happen the plates started moving and all the magma and sea water enterd the volcano and evenlully it erupted

When did the eruption happen 27th of April 1883 at 5:30 am, 6:42 am, 8:20 am and 10:02 am local time .
Why was it the why was is important to media? Because it was the first transoceanic telegraphy.
What is the transoceanic telegraph; big pipes that went across Singapore to England
What is Morse code _ . . _ _ _ _ _ . it is a code of dots and dashes this means dog.
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