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Finding your way on Google+

No description

Rennata Tropeano

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Finding your way on Google+

Finding my way on Google+
The first step is realizing that Goole+ is different than any other media. There are things that are familiar such as hashtags, but it is not twitter. You can put your friends in circles, but it is very different than Facebook, it isn't about gathering a list of your friends, neighbors and classmates.

It is about common interests and discussion. Google+ is made up of various circles, that you the user get to create and control. There are also communities that are great for finding people who share a common interest with you.

Over the last year on Google+, I have gone from being in the circle of around 30 people to over 700.
When I first received my Google+ Invitation it seemed like the ghost town that the press keeps calling it.

I kept coming back because I liked the ability to sort the people I followed into circles,
Or how I developed a following
by taking a different path.
Rennata Tropeano
For example, If I want to know what is
up with people I met at the Podcamp of
Western MA, I check my PCWM circle.
At the Podcamp of Western MA 4, I picked up new tools and skills to build a cohesive internet presence.
My Webpage
My Blog
Now that I had it all coordinated, I did what so many people do, I linked them all together so that when I posted on my blog, it went to Twitter, Google+, Linked In and Facebook. I could check all my sites from my Hootsuite dashboard.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of tools.
It is not new, if every post is identical.
People use different social media for different reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is that people use them for the content. The only content I was providing was the fact that I was somewhere else.
It was clear that no one was home
My Google+ was just like that twitter feed. It was devoid of any real content because I was rarely there, it was nothing but sign posts to somewhere else. During this time, I was reading all kinds of guides and blog posts on how and what to do in social media. One of them recomended scanning the trending hashtags on Twitter and Google+.
On Google+ I found a hashtag that was #treetuesday, which is hosted by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Meyers.
It was a feed full of pictures of trees. As an artist, this appealed to me. I posted my tree and was surprised to get comments on it.
The ones on Twitter were all about celebrities and who was divorcing who.
I began to participate in Communities and several of the various Themed Days
and my audience started to grow.
Someone was home and it looked inviting
There are communities and or hashtags for all kinds of interests.
Find your passion and participate
Ease of Sharing
Circles are different from Friends lists in that they can be easily shared and Google+ has developed a culture of sharing.
How I changed that:
I got involved in a couple of

Why is Participating here different than other Social Media?
People noticed my participation and added
me to their circles, which they then shared.
It is this sharing of circles that allowed me to grow the number of circles I was included in.
The last time I checked, the circle
had been shared 68 times.
Be interactive
Be active
Be original
Be supportive
Be nice
and don't abuse hashtags or themes.

Simple Rules for Social Media.
Credit for these rules goes to Gene Bowker
or http://www.rustedrailimages.com/
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