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Juvenile Probation Chapter 8

No description

Stephanie Williams

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Juvenile Probation Chapter 8

Restitution - OJJDP spent $30 million in promotion

Intensive Supervison - response to prison crowding and cost escalation (p. 181)

House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring - Comic Book Heros Juvenile Probation
Chapter 8 How is Probation Administered? What are the Functions of Probation Services? How About Risk Control and Crime Reduction? What Programs are found in Juvenile Probation? How do Probation Officers do their Jobs? What are the Rights of Probationers? What are the Role of Volunteers in Probation? Is Probation Effective? In 15 states and DC, juvenile probation is under the control of Juvenile Court and is funded by city or county government. p. 172 Private contractors are increasingly being used in juvenile probation, especially in providing intensive probation and aftercare services. Intake
Supervision In Sweden 25% of all inmates are placed on Electronic Monitoring Duties of Juvenile Probation Officers
Role Conflict
Conflicting Pressures
Communication with Clients Mempa v. Rhay
Gagon v. Scarpelli
(p. 187) The use of volunteers has become one of the most valuable ways to help offenders adjust to community life. (p. 188) Community Service 4-H Programs Positive Peer Groups Job Training Faith based Initiatives Juvenile Probation
Chapter 8 Community Service What are the Rights of Probationers? P.181
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