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Crime and Punishment in The Elizabethan Era

English Assignment

Jacob Jacob

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Crime and Punishment in The Elizabethan Era

Crime and Punishment In The Elizabethan Era
A presentation by: Jacob, Ryan, Josh, Nick, and Sean
The Commoner The Nobility
Conditions poor at best- dangerous and disease ridden
Poverty forced many into crime to survive
However, not all commoner crimes were acts of desperation
Crimes differed extremely from lower class
They were much more political,due to their power in government and church.
Some nobility pursued forbidden practices and committed various other crimes
Common Crimes of The Commoner
Cut Purse
Vagabondage (begging)
Dice Cogging
Common Crimes of The Nobles
High Treason
What They Actually Were
Lower Class Crimes
And How They Were Punished
The act of being publicly drunk
Punishment extremely different from today's - it was the Drunkard's Cloak
Essentially was an ale barrel with 3 holes
Unbelievably so, gossip was illegal .
Women were almost exclusively charged with this crime.
The punishment was the Gossip's Bridle
Painful device that cut the tongue when user spoke
Dice Coggers
Dice cogging was when a con artist setup a dice stand and cheated the players
Not only dice, many dice coggers cheated other games
Punishment was severe, you could be hanged of have digits cut off
Upper Class Crimes
Vagabondage ( begging )
person without a permanent home who moves
from place to place.
Drunkenness awarded one with this very fashionable barrel
Could you imagine this in your mouth? OUCH!
Was a Major Crime
More likely committed by the rich.
Punishable by death, Most likely by caged or hanged
Mostly committed by lower class
Punishable by death
Used mostly in riots or government issues
Poisoning was when you slipped a lethal chemical into another person's drink
Men were boiled in lead, and wives who poisoned there husbands were burned alive
Committed by Lower Class
Punishment depended on time of day
Blasphemy is speaking offensively
about religion
If you committed blasphemy you were burned alive
Sedition is the act of speaking of protest or rebelling.
You were whipped, or branded.
If it was serious enough you could be hung and quartered.
High treason was a crime that the crown did not tolorate and felt that all treasones acts should be punished harshy and without mercy.

There was 1 punishment for this crime and that was the triple punishment. This is when they would hang you until your half dead then they would remove your internal organs and would finaly quarter you.

- This was a major crime

- The accused would be quarterd
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