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Merrill Lynch Strategic Case Study - BGSU

No description


on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Merrill Lynch Strategic Case Study - BGSU

Merrill Lynch Case Stud Our Consulting Team Hannah Ella
Nate Arnaud Martina BGSU
College of Business
BizXploration Introduction Merril Lynch
> Bank of America 1930 $50B Wealth Management
Division Identification
of Strategic Issues Limited Target Market Global Coordination
with B.o.A. Dependence Volatile Market Inability to Adapt External Analysis General Environmental
Factors Demographic Politic / Legal Economic Sociocultural Technological Global Porter's Five Forces Bargaining Power
of Suppliers Bargaining Power
of Buyers Threat of Substitues Threat of New Entrants Intensity of
Rivalry Competitors Analysis Goldman Sachs & Co J.P. Morgan Chase Morgan Stanley Smith Barney $153.20 $44.68 $26.48 Internal Analysis Financial
Situation ROA = .607% Identification of Capabilities SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Broad Offerings Innovation Inheritance
of Capabilities Global Market Brand Name Online Banking SWOT Analysis Market Volatility Subprime Loans Income Decrease SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Opportunities Acquisitions Positive Outlook New Markets Threats Competition Governmental Pressure Credit Crunch Identification of Strategies Corporate Level Strategies Business Level Strategies vs. Acquired by
Bank of America Vertical Integration Avoided Bankruptcy Variety of
Products / Services Commited to R&D Broad Differentiation Business Units Asset-based Loan Syndication Broadcort Global Execution Services Retirement / Philanthropy Capital Discontinued Organization Global Product
Structure Segmentation Customer Focus Differentition via
Customer Need Our Recommendations Expand the
Target Market Integration Economic Updates Enter New
Global Markets Create Incentives
to Clients Website Improvment Traditional Relationship
with Financial Advisors Self-directed
Personal Investment Merrill
Lynch Current Situation Significant
Improvment Market Instability Revenue
Decline Bank of America Questions - Comments - Suggestions We Appreciated your Attention ROE = 7.26% Net Profit Margin= 13% Current Ratio= 3.96 Debt to Assets= .919 Debt to Equity= 11.39 Long Term Debt to Equity= 2.57
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