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Vikings Timeline

A simple timline of Viking history

Alex Cornish

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of Vikings Timeline

VIKINGS TIMELINE sdfjhlskzdfj http://www.viking.no/e/etimeline.htm 789 AD The first viking attack, on an English monastery called Lindesfarne 866 AD This date marked the first major Viking raid, and the origin of their bloodthirsy and warlike reputation. 793 AD The start of the Viking raids 800 AD 700 AD 900 AD 1000 AD 1100 AD The first viking invasion, on British York This is the date that the Vikings changed from raiders to invaders. They started by capturing York. 981 AD The Vikings discovered Greenland 795 AD The Vikings attack Ireland 794 AD The Vikings attack another English Monestary, Yarrow, but fail The Vikings attack France 813 AD The Viking Longship, Oseburg, is built This ship is one of the best preserved Viking ongboats, as it was buried in 834 AD 797 AD 800 AD Skiringsal and Birka, two important Viking centres of trade, are founded 860 AD The estimated date that Ragnar Lodbrok came to power Ragnar was a semi-legendary king of the Vikings, that led them in many plunders. He died from a snake bite approximately 5 years later 839 AD The Vikings, led by leader Turgeis, conquer Ireland 885 AD Vikings attack France with a large fleet of ships, but fail again 900 AD Vikings raid throughout the Mediterranean 986 AD Viking Ships reach newfoundland (America) 1085 AD Last attempt to pluner England, failed 917 AD Vikings defeat dublin and regain the throne 928 AD Kings Æthelstan and Harald Fairhair work together under treaty and gain control of the Norse Vikings. Alex Cornish's This date marks the end of the historically important viking raids
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