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Raven Velasquez

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of PROJECT IN

The author introduced Jose Rizal as Magdalena's tragic first love. Also, his works and contributions. Magdalena lost his father but her relatives helped to send her in a prestigious school. The stories of her mother every night inspires her to write something original. When she was still young, she already made a lot of corrido and manuscripts. One of it was even published. She wrote her first novel after 10 years of Jose's death. She became a well-known writer but her mother had to stop her from making more because that time, it was only for men. Her mother arranged a marriage for her but told the man to write a novel for her and failed so she remained single. She continued to write and her collections just grew bigger and bigger. Magdalena was also known for being religious and pure. Then, she wrote her most mature novel when she was 75. It is at first about a forbidden love because of their difference in their social status but when they found a way to be together, they knew that they couldn't really be together because his man is an army. That man died and she confronts it's monument in the plaza. Magdalena wrote about undying love on the 70th anniversary of Jose's death and died at the age of 78.
The Love of Magdalena Jalandoni
By: Winton Lou G. Ynion
An Earnest Parable
By: Merlinda Bobis
It obviously did not mean the 'tongue' as a body part. But it is a 'prized possession'. It shows there that it is passed in every people of every culture. We can also see that when someone ha it, they really value and appreciate it a lot. It means that 'that' is their way in connecting to each other. They are connected through 'it'. However, passing of 'it' doesn't really mean forgetting. Instead, the 'tongue' still remembers about his past owner. This must be really important that makes all of us one. Maybe it is religion or time or memory. I could be a bunch of things but only one is really important and for sure, we should always care for each and every one because we share something common.
One Day on the Road
By: Temistokles M. Adlawan
The story started in a typical day of a tricycle driver. Some might belittle them and treat them unequal because of their job. But the author shows that every day is a challenging day for them. Everyday is about the fare, route, passengers and other drivers. One time, while on the road, the other drivers provoked him to a race. He thought that he is only racing for passengers but he realized that it was to test their speed. So he raced with them but ended up on an accident. Regrets will always be on the end.
The Haiyan Dead
By: Merlie M. Alunan
The poem is obviously dedicated for the people who suffered in the super typhoon 'Haiyan'. It explains really well in the poem how the calamity destroy the whole city, almost close to being washed off in the map. The author did not write it exact but used figurative language how the calamity's destruction affected the beautiful place. You can feel the heavy feeling that it wants to convey. It also wanted to say that it left a mark on everyone that it became a history, every single one of them was haunted.
By: Nikko Maningo

The Lucky Plaza
By: Dinah Roma
There is a heavy feeling that the author wanted for the readers to feel. It seems like she is referring "The Lucky Plaza" to someone or maybe to herself. The poem is for someone or something. It evokes brokenness and longingness. The persona in the poem misses someone or something. He wrote there that he misses and remembers something/someone. He cannot hide that he really wanted to leave where they found each other because flashbacks overflow - everything they always do that he cannot repeat anymore. He wanted her to hear the stories that came up because of her, not the stories from the girl that he already know. He said that she doesn't belong in a common group of people and just trying to hide her sorrows through imaginations.
By: Caroline Hau
This is a story of the author's father about his younger years and also his and his father's connection to the Chinese. She said that his father planted sunflower, owns a garden and has an original way in telling stories. He grew up without knowing his father but when he knew, he discovered that his father was a guerila in the Philippines. He even knew about the crisis in China that they will even be accused as stealers even though they own the salt. Then, Caroline, the author, told her father that she wanted to be a writer but being an introvert and innocent, her father told her that she could not write when she did not know about anything that is happening around her and after that, she became enlightened.
The Roadrunner
By: Rowena Tiempo-Torrevillas
We can really feel that the author dislikes roadrunner. It states there that the cartoon doesn't have any lesson to share. Coyote makes an effort to catch Roadrunner for no reason, but he did not even catch it even once. The roadrunner saves himself just because of his speed and the author felt that it is unfair for Coyote. The author shows that this must be one pointless cartoon show.
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