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White Fang Chapters 11-15

No description

Ellen Trippe

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of White Fang Chapters 11-15

Ch.11 summary:
In chapter 11, White Fang shows how he has great skill and power. He attacks the weak and obeys the strong. Many dogs do not like him. He is an outcast. The other dogs desprise him.
Ch.12 Summary
In chapter 12, Gray Beaver's camp begins to pack up adn get ready to leave. White Fang, begins to get stubborn and not wanting to leave, runs away from camp and finds a place to hide and covers his tail, but once the camp was gone, the lonliness got to him and he missed the companionship of the gods. So he runs down the Makenzi River, following it trying to find Gray Beaver running nonstop. When he finds him he gives him half of his tallow and meat
Ch.13 summary
On the long journey up the Makenzi River, they have all the dogs harnessed up. Putting lip-lip in front. The other dogs do not like him and feel as if he is running from them. Throughout this chapter Whit Fang learns protective skills. Defending the gods and their property. Then being rewarded with food and fire.
Ch.14 summary
In Chapter 14, Gray Beaver finished his journey. Then returned to camp. Where White Fang comes up on Kiche and she doesn't remember. He is confused at first and doesn't quite understand.
Ch.15 Summary
In chapter 15, White Fang and Gray Beaver take a Journey to the Yokon. Where Gray Beaver sells mittens and skins. This is where White Fang see's his first white man. He is scared of these "new" gods for not knowing what they are capable of.
Themes: Nature
Kinche does not remember White Fang because after a year, wolves don't remember their wolf cubs.
White Fang Chapters 11-15
By: Ellen Trippe,Chloee Borgialli, Erika Norris,and Paige Toulouse
Theme: Nurture
Theme: survival of the fittest
Theme: Naturalism
White Fang learned to obey the strong and oppress the weak.
The Indians ate the dogs and the dog ate the other dogs so they could stay alive, during the famine.
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