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EC+ HTML 22 January 2014

No description


on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of EC+ HTML 22 January 2014

Find partial or exact matches in the document, from any location
Export to PDF includes additional project details, for traceability
View in project mode, or add doc to a project from here
Table of Contents now sits on the side bar with other actions
Fragment-level actions are now right next to the content, improving usability ('What does THIS do?')
More accessible
Increased collaboration and customization
Whole document loads in one go, meaning no more laggy scrolling or skipping between sections: simply scroll as usual.
Timeline lists chronology of standards, with all information clear to view, so that selecting the correct document is quicker
Saved items now accessed direct from top navigation,
with column sorting/filtering and preview available for notes.
Projects workspace enables collaboration across and among teams, and also provides individual users with space to store and manage their own 'Favourites'.
Add any standard to a project directly from the document viewer.
Deleting a document from the project doesn't mean losing your notes.
They're kept here in case you need them again.
All activity which affects the project is recorded by participant, with links straight to the document viewer.
Only project participants can use this function, so the contents of the project are protected.
You can also copy dynamic documents to projects.
Each project dynamic document can then be altered without affecting the original.
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