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Jehad Sweilem

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of asd

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Ball Activity
Intended Outcomes
Discussion Questions
1- What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase... ?

2- Can you give us a similar phrase in your language? (If the mother-tongue is not English)

2- Does the phrase remind you of anything?

3- Connect the picture to the phrase, does it remind you of anything now ?
In The Hot Seat
Purpose: To motivate learning
True or False
Read and choose True or False:
1. Giving the students more valuable talk time.
2. Encouraging rapport between students.
3. Providing opportunities of co-operation between students.
4. Investing much more of the students abilities in the lesson.
1- Which of these animals do you
know the name/s of ?

2- What animals are you interested
in in particular and want to know the
name/s of ?
Which animal did you like most? And why?
What new animal/s did you learn the
name/s of ?

What did you like in that animal ?
What did you dislike ?
What makes it different from other
animals ?

2-3 minutes to write the answers
on a paper.

give it to your classmate next to you.

1 minute for each of you to read his
classmate's paper.

In groups of 4, share what you have
written with your classmates.
What's the name of this animal ?
and this one ?

Who likes the Hare here?... Why ?
X, do you agree with Y that the Hare
is so and so ? Z, what do you think ?
and the same for the Tortoise.

Why do you think the word "Start"
is there ? can you predict what will
happen in the story from the picture
and the word ?
A discussion on the following phrase:
Slow but steady, wins the race.
Important Verbs
1. Prior to the beginning of class, the teacher will prepare questions related to the topic of study and write them on sticky notes. Four to five questions are usually enough.

2. Place the sticky notes underneath student desks/chairs so that they are hidden from view.

3. At the start of the class, inform students that several of them are sitting on "Hot Seats" and will be asked to answer questions related to the topic of study for the day.

4. Have students check their desks/chairs for the strategically placed sticky notes.

5. Students who have questions on sticky notes will then take turns reading the question and attempting to provide an answer. Due to the nature of this motivational activity, these should be questions that students are able to answer.
1. The tortoise is going for a walk to the tallest tree in the forest. T / F
2. The hare cheated and ran before the tortoise. T / F
3. The tortoise sat down to rest. T / F
4. The hare walks slower than the tortoise. T / F
5. The hare slept under a tree. T / F
6. The tortoise is the winner. T / F
(Slow but steady, wins the race)
1- The teacher starts writing a list with all the main keywords in every
sentence with the help of the students, specially verbs and adjectives. (no repeating of the same word)

2- There is a ball, and the person who has it has to choose a word, say it aloud, and throw the ball to another student.

3- The new student has to include that word in a sentence that has to
do with his/her own habits as quickly as possible.
Write a Letter
Thank you
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