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What an EMT does and what they see.

Ashley Waelti

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of EMT

Being an EMT is not easy work... EMT's need to know many important skills that are essential to the field. Backboarding and Collaring Treating Bleeding The Most important thing an EMT does is establish an airway so the patient is able to breathe. EMT's establish two different types of airways. They are: A nasal airway using
a nasal cannula An oropharyngeal airway
using a catheter EMTs ride on ambulances. They come in many different sizes and colors but serve the same purpose for transporting the patient and carrying medical supplies. Tools used by the EMT: Stethoscope Pediatric Stethoscope Blood Pressure Cuff Sissors What an EMT's bag looks like: Outside View Inside View EMT's Splint injuries, here are the two main types of splints: Hare Splint Sager Splint As you can see, being an EMT is a lot of work,
but it is very satisfying to help those in need. EMT-B
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