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Must Haves

High School

Lisa Boarman

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Must Haves

Back in the Day.... What types of activities did you do as a school counselor? What did you do each day? What guidelines did you have for planning your school counseling program? What should ALL students know and be able to do because a school counselor is in the building? Delivery System
- School Counseling Curriculum
- Individual Student Planning
- Responsive Services
structured developmental lessons that address academic, career, and personal/social development
ongoing systematic activities designed to assist students in goal setting and developing future plans RESPONSIVE SERVICES
activities which students immediate needs; counseling, consultation, referral, mediation, or information. SYSTEM SUPPORT
maintaining and enhancing school the school counseling program; consultation, collaboration, teaming, and program management 15% - 25% 25% - 35% 25% - 35% 15% - 20% In a perfect world.... all students struggling students most challenging students But the world is not perfect! High School Counselors
April 30, 2010 Congratulations to
Pam Plantz-Poley
High School Counselor of the Year Thanks to
Pauline Phillips
Kami Wagner
Susan Bradley
for their help
creating senior videos Congratulations to
Ruth Drucker
Pam Plantz-Poley
on their upcoming retirement! All in a day's work... What's going on with the budget?
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