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Module 9- Communicating in the world of work

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José Bernardo

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Module 9- Communicating in the world of work

This work was done for English and it is included in module 9 "Comunicating in the world of work".
With the learning through new technologies of information and communication, we are living in a time of great development of information technologies.
This process is causing enormous change in the organization of our lives and our work.
Module 9- Communicating in the world of work
ICT in the professional world

Work done by:
José Bernardo nº13
Rafaela Oliveira nº23
Positive items
An increase in productivity.

The modernization of the market.

The contribution of technological progress in the country, for the qualification of its human resources by strengthening their economic competitiveness.

Increase in wealth creation and consequently improvement of the quality of life.

The use of the internet.
Negative items

Globalisation (the global market).

The use of the internet
Importance of ICT
Since the world is constantly changing it is usual that technologies accompany this course.
ICT is very important today to the development and growth of the human person who accompanies the world today.
ICT has a great importance in the life of the active population in lives:

In education;

At work;

In agriculture;

In companies;

In medicine.

Consequences of ICT
With this work we conclude that ICT are very important in our work and school life because without them we wouldn't learn so easily and had difficulties in doing research work.
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