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How Modern Technology Affects Teenagers

No description

Kathleen Zaragosa

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of How Modern Technology Affects Teenagers

Health Damaged health routines
Increase of diet
21 hours/week on television
Lack of sleep Behaviour Affects teens finding their identity
Media implies negative messages
body image and attitude
Younger generations imitate events or actions seen on television School Safety Dangers of "sexting."
Sending sexually explicit words, images & videos via cell phone.
Sexual predators
Desensitizes children to violent acts How Modern Technology Negatively Affects Teenagers Violence Exposure in video games & TV
Poor role models in media may lead to explicit content
Young children = easily impressionable; cannot easily see violent motives by observing and imitating
potentially brings antisocial behavior By: Charlotte Lam & Kathleen Zaragosa Social Interaction Laziness Family Life Multi-tasking limits ability to focus
Older people multitask less
Abbreviations affect spelling
Careless mistakes in class work Technology creates a generation gap
Makes parents feel like they can’t relate to their kids
Not much time spent with family Antisocial behaviour and/or delinquency
Racist/sexist stereotypes
Act differently toward different social situations
Inability to hold face-to-face conversations Expectation of immediate responses
Limited patience
Reliance on the internet for answers Thanks for watching! Negative effect of technology on teens (Kedar Tripathy) www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V1mQXf8Ql4
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