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McGwire Midkiff

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of What

How Erik the Red and Leif Erickson Contribute to Viking Expansion?
Viking Expansion
The Vikings sailed across the North Atlantic ocean. They were moving south to Northern Africa, east to Russia and to Greenland. One widley proposed reason for Viking Expansion was population. The Viking population had reached its limit in their homeland. As a result, many Vikings expanded Southeast.

Erik the Red
Eric the Red was a Viking. Before the Viking Expansion, he was well known for founding the Norse settlement in Greenland. He is called Erik the Red because of his red hair and bushy beard.
How Did Erik Contribute?
Was the first to discover Greenland
Started South and explored up Greenland
Named it Greenland so settlers wouldn't disturb his settlers in Iceland
Decided to settle in Iceland for winter, and Greenland for summer
Leif Ericson
Eric the Red's son
Was a Norse explorer under Erik the Red
Had two brothers that were banished from Norway.
How did Leif Contribute
Discovered Vinland
Discovered America long before Columbus with Bjarni Herjólfsson
Decided to settle in America.
Statue of Leif was erected in Iceland in 1887
The theme of Viking Expansion is change. They couldn't find a good place for the Norse vikings to settle so they kept exploring until they found America where they stayed.
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