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Loss of innocence in the Lullabies for Little Criminal

No description

Chloe Choi

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Loss of innocence in the Lullabies for Little Criminal

Lullabies for Little Criminals Loss of innocence Thesis Statement Heather O’Neil’s novel Lullabies for Little Criminals shows that most characters, especially Baby, become disillusioned with a harsh reality. This leads them astray, causing them to lose their innocence. It affects the plot development in a way that they eventually become aware of dope, prostitution, love, and hurt from an early age. Once a child loses his or her innocence, it is very hard to recover. Quotes
People gave you a hard time about being a kid at twelve. They didn’t want to give you Halloween candy anymore. They said things like, “If this were the Middle Ages, you’d be married and you’d own a farm with about a million chickens on it.” They were trying to kick you out of childhood. Once you were gone, there was no going back, so you had to hold on as long as you could. Marika was beckoning from the other side. Marika is one of characters who lost her innocence. She starts prostitution at the age of seventeen. She thinks it's easy to earn money. Baby says that people destroy the imagination of 12-year-old boys and girls. Also, Baby says that childhood is precious and it never returns but people are disillusioned by it. Alphonse didn’t have any problem with me having sex for money. When you're young, sex doesn't mean as much, it isn't sacred. Children make the best prostitutes because they're the most perfunctory about the whole encounter. The whole act is like a dare, like kissing a frog or something. It's nasty while it’s happening, but you forget about it soon afterward. And sometimes it isn't even that nasty. Page.253 I thought I was having some sort of personality crisis. I used to love riding around with kids, and now it didn’t do anything for me. That was pretty confusing. I just wanted to be a good kid. I didn’t want to sit drinking beer in a car with a bunch of teenagers who were going to be in grade seven for the next four years, who talked about stuff you would see on the cover of the tabloid newspaper. I wanted to be able to go home like Xavier did at the end of the story. Page270~271 Jules and I were tiny people. We were delicate. We were almost destroyed. We were vulnerable. Like nerds in a school yard of bullies, we could have traded our stamps and cards of extinct animals. That’s the kind of people we would be if our situation were different. Page.320 When I was really unhappy, I realized how much that street stank. It smelled like rats and beer. My body felt dirty, as if it was covered in too many fingerprints. The wind was a man with a lisp talking about people who had stabbed him in the back. I hurried to get home and escape him. The moon was a child’s face squeezed against a screen, yelling curses down at us. Then I remembered the solar system them Felix and I had built when I was living at his house.I started thinking about a moon we had made from papier – mache. We were going to paint it, but we had decided that it was beautiful just the way it was. I wished that was the moon that was up in the sky. I wished the universe was innocent again. Page.297 Character Baby Baby is a twelve- year- old girl.
She is Protagonist in the story.
Baby is very independent at her age.
Finally she didn't recover her innocence.Baby had a lot of pain. Jules Jules is Baby's heroin-addicted father who is twenty-seven years old.
Baby was born while Jules was in high school with her mother, who died soon after Baby was born.
He is a little inappropriate and irresponsible: not thougtful
He keeps taking heroin since he lost his wife. Alphonse Jules called him a pimp.
He has taken Baby's virginity, and forced her to become a prostitute.He is one of the main characters who make Baby to lose her innocence.
He is abusive.
He died after taking a lot of drugs. Xavier He is an odd boy who is also a bit of an outcast.
He is more innocent than the other characters. Setting Loss of Innocence For examples : Having a parent die/leave
Having sex for the first time Getting hurt when they're most vulnerable and knowing what truth is. Even though Alphonse is Baby’s boyfriend, he doesn’t care what she does. Baby knows that prostitution is inappropriate and nasty for her but she has to do it for money and for Alphonse. This was enough to lose her innocence. Baby doesn’t like her circumstances because she notices that her life has been filled with many trials since she left her home and followed Alphonse. She wants to be innocent like the other kids but it is all in vain. It's impossible to be innocent because she already lost it. She went home at the end of the story but she never recovered her innocence. Jules also loses his innocence by using heroin since his wife passed away in a car accident. Baby and Jules were hurt and weakened by the harsh reality. They learned about dope and alcohol and different kinds of bad things to cure their deep scars. They are still suffering now from the large impact of the past. Baby is faced with the harsh reality and becomes corrupt. She believed that she would recover her innocence if the universe became innocent. But, it is irretrievable. She already loses her innocence because of Alphonse and people who like having sex with young girls. The pain could not be healed even if the universe became innocent. Montreal Canada on St. Laurent and St. Catherine
Baby and Jules had do flee from Jules' friend Kent.
Val des Loups
Jules had grown up on the outskirts of town.
Foster house
Neighbor Mary's house
Since Jules was arrested by cops, Baby had to stay Mary's house
On St.Christoph Colomb (The detention center)
This is the place where she meets Xavier and Alphonse
Val des Loups Symbolism Dolls Moon Point of view First point of view It is a rag doll with the arms and legs ripped off. It is a valuable thing for Baby. Heather O’Neil wrote the story with child eyes (Baby) to express the environment in which Baby grew up. When Baby was a kid, she knew a lot of things about what it felt like to use heroin, just from looking and listening to Jules and his friends. Also, she lost her innocence by the mighty dose of harsh reality at an early age. She met her father and left Montreal to escape the world that corrupted her and never let her find purity again. The Moon itself is spotless and clean. It would shine on everyone and make them innocent. Fingerprints
Fingerprints are indelibly printed on her body and also on her memory. EXTRA QUOTE As soon as I looked at Alphonse’s face, I knew that he was dead, even thought I had never seen a dead body before… I had the strange feeling that I was dead myself. It felt as if I were lying at the bottom of a grave and earth was being thrown on me. When death takes someone you know he holds you and whispers all his secrets in your ear. Alphonse couldn't recover his innocence again either. He died because he took a lot of drugs. Baby was really shocked and worried when she discovered he died because she had never seen a dead body before, and she didn't know what she would do without Alphonse.
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