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All About Assassins Creed Unity

No description

Janusz O.

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of All About Assassins Creed Unity

Unity has way better graphics than an other Assassins Creed so far so there for it is only for next gen consoles.
Unity is an Assassins Creed were you can play co-op missions with up to 3 friends or free roam with up to 3 friends.
The parkour in Unity is more fluent than in any other Assassins Creed game so far.
In Unity you can upgrade your Character to be stronger in melee, stealthier,have more health,upgrade your ranged items .
Thank you
Are you apart of the brotherhood?
In Unity you have the option to customize your character by changing his assassin outfit and also by changing his weapon.
All About Assassins Creed Unity
By: Janusz Organisciak

Hello, Fellow Assassins.
How many roof tops have you climbed?
How many windows have you went through?
When was the last time you dived into a hay bale
Side missions
There are so many side missions I can't count but for example: catch the criminals you have to kill the criminals and after doing it a few times you get a reward.
Coop missions
Coop free roam
Going through buildings
Assassins Creed Unity
Unity is by far my favorite game so far.
In Unity you can go through buildings or most of them.
coop is really fun to play so don't forget to bring a friend or it will be much harder.
Combat is way harder in Unity than any Assassins Creed game so far.
In every Assassins Creed
you can climb roof tops.
In unity you can dive into hay bales
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