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The 'Why' of Todd

Why I was created and what makes me passionate!

Todd Sittig

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The 'Why' of Todd

The "Why" of Todd So Much Drama! Generational Influence Mini-Champions
Revolutione Church
I was the youth leader for the 7th and 8th grade guys who were notorious for not giving themselves in worship. Always standing in the back and talking or goofing off. One night, the Holy Spirit interrupted what I had planned on teaching and instead we had an all out crazy worship night! It was awesome to be interrupted by the Lord that way and to see those "too cool for school" kids get there "David Dance" on! Restoration of Family Seeing God's perspective of the arts.
Seeing men activated in the arts.
Opening the eyes of the church to see the arts as a worthy calling arena.
Ministering with the Holy Spirit through drama. Testimony moment in Monroe. I was met by the Holy Spirit during the performance of my "testimony drama" that I wrote for SPA and that's when I knew that drama/performing was a key part of my calling. It was AMAZING. I've never experienced the presence of God during a drama like I did that day. The Lord gave me a personal prophetic word during my Master's Commission year that I would be used of the Him in the restoration of families. This was confirmed by more prophetic words given to me by fiends and peers throughout the course of the year. I am passionate to see my family pursuing the Lord, and I will remain faithful to laboring in intercession or them and being obedient to what the Lord tells me to do. God has been doing some incredible things in my family these past years and I know He has so much more in store! A Presentational Reminder of God's Faithfulness, Why He has created me and the Passions He continues to grow in me! More to come...
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