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Fanciful Sea Creatures

No description

Ceaira Jerry

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Fanciful Sea Creatures

Sea horses are definitely a fanciful sea creature because say I ask someone do they think that seahorses are real almost all of them would say no because when you look at a seahorse you would think fairy tale storys because of how they are on tv. For example on spongebob, a show on Nick, had a seahorse on one of their episodes and it could run just like a horse but they float and it seems like they are not real but they are.
Where Do Seahorses live?
Seahorses can be found in shallow tropical temperate waters throughout the ocean where the water is cool.
What Do Seahorses Eat?
A Seahorse only eats live food.They mostly eat brine shrimp. They also eat mollie fry, guppy fry, and copepods. They don't have teeth so they swallow all there food, so they can only eat tiny fish.
Brine Shrimp
Mollie Fry
A Jellyfish is fanciful because when you here some say jellyfish I think of a fish that looks like jelly and you think no that's not real because it seems that a fish that looks and feels like jelly is not real. I remember when I found out jellyfish were real.About 5 summers ago I went to Myrtle Beach and the whole family went at night looking for sea shells and I forgot my flashlight and I was feeling things on the beach and I found a dead jellyfish.
Fanciful Sea Creatures
.According to Merriam- Webster, fanciful means "marked by unrestrained imagination". However, there are real sea creatures that are so odd that they seem impossible to be real. Here are some examples.
Fanciful Sea Creatures
Blow Fish
Where Does A Blow Fish Live?
I think that Blow Fish also known as puffer fish are fanciful because when I first saw one it didn't look real at all it just looked like something I would see on a cartoon on T.v.--->
You will usually find Blow Fish where the waters are very clear and beautiful under coral rocks so they can be hidden from predators.Some places where they can be are in warm tropical places like coral reefs, marine waters in Atlantic,Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
Why Do Blow Fish Blow up???
Blow fish blow up because they either feel threatened or scared by a human or predator. You would never want to touch one because when they blow up they are covered in spikes and they are very posionous.
What Do Blow Fish Eat???
Blow fish usually eat red worms, shrimp, clams, fish, squid, and other small marine animals in their habitat. Even though they consume such a healthy diet, it is generally unsafe for humans to eat Blow Fish because of the poisonous materials in their bodies.
Things Blow Fish Eat
Why Do Jelly Fish Sting You When You Touch Them?
Mostly Jelly Fish sting because they are afraid. Sometimes Jelly Fish sting you on accident.
Red Worms
What does a Jellyfish Live?
You would usually find jelly fish in the ocean. But you would also find them in rivers or lakes which are connected to the ocean. Jelly fish love the tropics and cold water in deep seas.Theres a Jellyfish Lake on a island called Eil Malk in Palau. There are so many jellyfish that if another fish is im there they will get eaten real fast.
What Do Jellyfish Eat?
Jelly fish supprised me because I never thought that they would eat there own kind.
Red Worms
5 Fasinating Facts About Jellyfish
1. They can release as much as 45,000 eggs a day.
2. A box jellyfish is the most dangerous jellyfish in the world.
3. They are made up of mostly water and have no bones, brain, or heart.
4. Jellyfish can only survive in salty water.
5. The lions mane is the largest known species of jellyfish.
5 Fasinating Facts About Blow fish.
1. Blow Fish can blow up into a ball shape by ingesting huge amount of water.
2. A blow fish is the most poisonous fish in the world.
3. Some species of blow fish have spine on their skin.
4. Blow Fish only have 4 teeth.
5. They are not good at swimming.

5 Fasinating Facts About Seahorses
1. The females don't carry the babies the males do.
2. They change colors when they are stressed.
3.They prefer to swim in pairs with there tails linked together.
4. They can easily die of exhaustion.
5. They have no teeth or stomach.
Fanciful Sea Creatures
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