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conspiracy theory assignment

No description

amy higgins

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of conspiracy theory assignment

H1N1 and Bird Flu Both:
Humans and birds

Also pigs in the same way as humans

Bird/Avian Flu:
60% infected have died H1N1:
similar symptoms, spreads the same way and enters the same way

Avian/Bird Flu:
starts in birds; spreads to humans H1N1:
transforms and continues to grow

Bird/Avian Flu:
Eastern regions of Indonesia
Asia Bird/Avian Flu:
survives quite long
spread through birds Bird/Avian Flu:
no vaccine
low risk unless traveling

highly contagious
vaccine available H1N1:
1930's in United States
1976 in Fort Dix, New Jersey

Avian/Bird Flu:
1977 in Hong Kong H1N1:
genes are from several varieties of flu viruses
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