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Ethnic Food

No description

Ney Cesar Chagas

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Ethnic Food

Ethnic Food What is your favorite ethnic food? Can you describe it to your partner? Where is the dish originally from? Have you ever tried the following cuisines? What's your opinion about them? Italian French German Brazilian Indian Moroccan Argentinian Chinese Japanese Mexican Which of these cuisines have become mainstream in your country? Do you consider them ethnic? Take a look at the pictures below. Can you identify where the food come from? Chinese Italian Japanese Argentinian Mexican Indian German Moroccan French Brazilian How does typical or ethnic food reflect the culture of a country? Can you cook typical dishes from your country? Do you like the typical food from your own country? Why (not)? Watch the first segment from the movie "THE JOY LUCK CLUB" and answer the questions that follow. 1. Where is the ethnic food from? 2. Have you ever seen/eaten that dish before? 3. Would you like to have it one day? Why (not)? 4. What would you do if you were asked for dinner whose main dish is the one in the movie segment? Would have it? If not, how would you react? Watch the segment from the movie "BANGKOK DANGEROUS" and answer the questions that follow. apple of her/his eye MEANING: someone or something that one likes a lot The little girl is the apple of her grandfather’s eye. bread and butter MEANING: basic needs of life (food,shelter,clothing) The voters are worried about bread and butter issues like jobs and taxes. couch potato cream of the crop cup of tea finger in the pie make one’s mouth water bring home the bacon MEANING: best of a group, the top choice The company is well-known as a good place to work and is always able to hire the cream of the crop of university graduates. MEANING: a very lazy person He is a real couch potato and just sits around watching TV and staying indoors all day. MEANING: something one enjoys or does well Going to art galleries is not my cup of tea so I think that I will stay home this evening and not go with you. MEANING: participate in something that is happening He always tries to keep his finger in the pie so that he can control everything. MEANING: earn your family’s living Recently he has been working very hard trying to bring home the bacon. He has no time to do anything else. MEANING: look or smell very good, want to eat or drink very much The restaurant is supposed to be wonderful and every time that I see the menu it makes my mouth water.
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