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Plant Cell (castle)

No description

Daniel Starr

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell (castle)

Cell Organelle Project
By: Daniel Starr

Plant Cell (castle)
Analogy of plant cell to the castle
Nucleus/King Room
Directs all cells activities/the nucleus is the kings room, the king controls the castle.
Nucleolus/Kings Bed
A non-membrane bound structure found in the nucleus of cells/the nucleolus is the kings bed and it keeps the king alive.
Cell Wall/Stone Wall
Tough, rigid outer covering that protects the cell and gives it shape/the cell wall is the stone wall which keeps unwanted things out and keeps its shape.
Cell Membrane/Draw Bridge
The protective layer around all cells. Controls what enters and exits/the Draw Bridge let certain things in and gives cell shape and support.
Cytoplasm/Air Inside of the Castle
Cells that are filled up with a gelatine like substance/The Cytoplasm is the air filled up in the Castle.
Mithochondria/Wind Mills
where energy is created/the Mithochondria is the Wind Mills that create the energy.
Golgi Bodies/Mail Offices
Are stacked, flattened membranes/The Mail Office keeps stacks of information.
Food is made in green organelles in the cytoplasm/The Cafeteria is where the Castle makes its food.
Lysosomes/Trash Can
An organelle filled with enztmes needed to break down cetain materials/The Trash Can is where things are broken down.
Stores material. Large in plants small in animals/The Safe stores the weapons.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)/Weapon Holder
Transport materials. Two types are smooth and rough/The weapon Holder transports the weapons through the castle.
Ribosomes/Black Smith
Cell make their own proteins/The Black Smith are who make weapons.
To provide growth and development/To provide Swords for the troops.
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