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Sarcasm, Parody, Irony, & Satire


Jessica Young

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Sarcasm, Parody, Irony, & Satire

Parody, Irony, & Satire
...is praise which is really an insult; sarcasm generally involves spite, the desire to put someone down
You see a junky car, you respond, "That ride is sweet!" or "Where can I get a car like that?"
Sheldon doesn't understand sarcasm. He needs help! Hold up your signs at the first hint of SARCASM.
More sarcasm from my favorite scientists...
Diminishing or belittling a subject by making it ridiculous
Amusement, contempt, scorn, or anger
Uses laughter as its defense
Satire has usually been justified by those who practice it as a cure
To ridicule the failing rather than the individual
Satire in The Simpsons
Verbal Irony - when something is said that is the opposite of what is meant
ex: That is a "great" look for you
Situational Irony - when the outcome turns out to be very different from what was expected
ex: You were expecting to get a car for your 16th birthday, but your parents bought you a bike instead
Dramatic Irony - when the audience is aware of what is going on or what might happen or what is being said, but the other characters are NOT aware of it. They don't "get it."
ex: A woman is getting into her car and the audience knows there is a man in her back seat waiting for her.
A ninety-year-old man wins the lottery.
"What lovely weather we're having," said the man as the rain poured down.
The girl ran to open the door hoping it was the police, but since we knew the killer was waiting for her, we screamed at the screen, "Don't open the door!"
After spending hours getting ready for the dance, my brother squirted me with the hose when I walked outside.
The boy thanked the principal for his three-day vacation when he got suspended from school.
The boy picked up the snake but didn't realize it was poisonous.
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