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No description

krystyn mcgill

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of electricity

Electricity what makes circuts work
conductors and insolators switches changing circuts circut diagrams and labels biblioaugraphy By Krystyn McGill
and Ryan Askew To make a circut work you must have the wires going in a full circle to the power source then to the light bulb and back to the power source. when a circut is in complete it will not work and n0one of the circuts conected wil work either. if you are using more then one cell in a circut they must all be facing the same way (positive to negative and so on). Conductors are things that allow electricity to pass through them such as metal. An insulator is something that dosent allow electricity to pass through it such as rubber. some wires have a plastic coating to stop electricity from travelling to other objects that amy come in contact with it, these wires also have copper in side of the plastic coating as a conductor of electricity. switches are usful because they give you control over the circut so you can tur n it on and off. switches allow you to make or break a circut or turn on or off a circut. when the switch is on the circut is complete but when it is off it is called broken because the circut is incomplete. there are to different types of switches, the toggle switch which is commonly used as light switches in houses, there is also a push switch which is commonly seen in elevators such as when you press what floor you want a light shines an d also keyboards for computers adn calculators. if you add another light bulb to a cell the light bulbs will be dimmer because two light bulbs are now taking electricity from the same cell.if yu add more cells the light bulb will glow brighter but if you overload the light bulb will burn out.addin lengths of wire will also change the circut, adding long peices w8ill make the light glow dimmer but short lenggths of wire makes it glow brighter. when you draw a circut there are special symbols to represent each thing. once you know what symbols represent what you can learn to make circuts other people have drawn diagrams of. 1.the blobs guide to electric circuts - andythelwell.com/blobs/
2. google.ca
3.google images bulb cell buzzer motor switch
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