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Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

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aliabbas fazal

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Short Story

Aliabbas Fazal
Ali Irfan
Amrit Babbar
Divyansh Sharma
Rachel Singh
By: Sylvia Path
- Although one be influenced by their peers or those around them, everyone is entitled to freedom and individuality.
•Thanks for watching!•
The Fear Behind Fitting In: High School Edition • http://bit.ly/1goHLMS

Should You Conform And Try To -Fit In • http://bit.ly/1b9qbss

Social Conformity: The Bystander Effect • http://bit.ly/17eRwGv


http://bit.ly/1flRdBN http://bit.ly/1bf610b http://bit.ly/GHV4dD http://bit.ly/15qv1Rt

http://bit.ly/19CpB92 http://bit.ly/1g2noYc http://bit.ly/1apHfcC

a) “..the easiest of which would be her coronation as a princess, labeling her conclusively as one of the select flock. The other victory would be much harder, but she knew that it was what she wanted. It was not that she was being noble or anything, it was just that she had learned there were other ways of getting into the great hall...”
“..deciding not to join the sorority after all, and has she could still be friends with friends with everybody, sisters with everybody, tracy too.”
- People conform, just to fit in with societies hierarchy.

“...she thought about Herb. Would he ever have been so friendly if she were without the sorority label? Would he ask her out just for herself, no strings attached?”
- Both these themes are implicit because they aren’t highly implied.

- It reinforces popular notions of life because it shows what happens in the real world.
- Many teenagers struggle through conformity to fit in and also wanting freedom

- The themes don’t necessarily deepen or refresh an old insight since in Canadian society, there isn’t really anything like sororities, but the idea of individuality still exists.
Does the theme reinforce or oppose popular notions of life?
Does this furnish a new insight or refresh or deepen an old one?
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