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No description

Kmi Fernández

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Greenpeace

When it was created? In 1971 in United States of America, the government announced that they were doing some nuclears experiments in Amchitka an island in Alaska. Some canadian men Jim Bohlem and Irving Stowe decided to sail to that place and prevent the experiment. At the same time Paul Cote join them and then a group was created called Greenpeace, his filosofy : "we want peace and we want it green" Reason why It was created when they went to the island to protest because USA were doing nuclear experiments there, and this may end with a seaqueke. The organization was called "don't make a wave" End of the organization Greenpeace educate people and society to avoid the hunt of animals and the contamination of the environment How do they finance They have a lot of members, they don't accept donations of any company and government too. Because of that they dedicate all of his time to look up for new ways of support that let work in active way in every problem that may exist. Objective To promote the protection of nature, environment, flora and wildlife and no renovable natural resources Who are helping? helps animals, environment, and to people have more awareness of what they do when an animal is suffering or even when we are contaminating the environment. How do they organized The office is in Chile, located in the city of Santiago and have the name of "Fundacion Greenpeace Pacifico Sur". The directory is integrated by:
•Beatriz Alasia (president)
•Maria Cecilia Suarez (secretary)
•Juan Carlos Cardenas (treasurer)
•Julio Antivilo Veas (lawyer)
How can we help We can help doing us members of Greenpeace and donation money for this organization can still growing up. In Chile there are 6.000 (six thousand) members, because of that Greenpeace is still here in our country. Why did I chose Greenpeace I chose Greenpeace because I think that it's a very important organization, they help the environment and take care of animals. I wanted to know more about Greenpeace like what do they do, how, and the reason why. With this work I realized that is very important to have a little more care with the planet, animals and people who live in. Greenpehjighufghiace
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