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Battle of Marne

this is about the battle of Marne

Bryson Barnett

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Marne

The Battle of Marne Effects Thank you The allies won a stratigic victory. Results The battle took place on the Marne River near Paris, France.
It lasted for 7 days from September 5-12 1914 The people who fought in the war were the British and France against Germany. subject 1 Subject 2 Comanders Subjec This is a picture of the germans France Joseph Joffre
France Michel Maunoury
France Joseph Gallieni
United Kingdom Sir John French
France Franchet d'Esperey
France Ferdinand Foch
France Fernand de Langle
German Empire Helmuth von Moltke
German Empire Karl von Bülow
German Empire Alexander von Kluck
German Empire Duke of Württemberg The French had 39 divisions
The British had 6 divisions Number of people that fought The Germans had 27 divisions The weapons used in this battle were bolt action rifles and machine guns.
The germans used used Maouser Gewehr 98.
They did not use poision gas or tanks in the battle. Weapons used Acts of bravery
French commander General Franchet d'Esperey and his Fifth Army launched a surprise attack against the German Second Army, serving to further widen the gap between the German First and Second Armies. the german armies were winning lots of victortories and forced the Fench and British to fall back to the Marne River. Weather The weather was rainy and bad
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