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How teens have changed sense 1981?

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casandra jefrey

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of How teens have changed sense 1981?

How teens have changed sense 1981? Fashion/style Teens have changed a lot in their style from 1981 to now here are some details, differences, and similarites... Differences... Similarites... For hair -> For clothes-> For make- up -> Technology in 1981 they loved to have big hair it was all about the big big hair. Now we don't do our hair that big or use a whole can of hair spary to get our bangs to stay for hours and hours Girls wore side ponytails, banana clips, side burns for both men and women, tall bangs, perms, colorful hair. Today we like staightened hair, highlights/ lowlights, side swept bangs, bobs, layers and much more. women wore skirts and dresses and shirts with shoulder pads, leg warmers, ripped sweatshirts, rolled/ folded up jeans. parachute pants were huge, pinstripes, denim, accesssories were braclets, tees, earrings, shoes, gloves, coats, neon, rock band tees, skinny jeans. in 1981 in 2010/2009 Now we where name brand clothing, bright colors, skinny jeans colored/ denim, leggings, Aeropostale/ american eagle clothes, jeans. They like to have very bright colors, light pink lips, colored mascara,blue/ bold eye shadow, black mascara and eye liner. Now we like a more natural look, light lips, little color eye shadow, black eye liner, black mascara, blush,lip gloss. Some similarites are that in both times we like skirts, dreses, ripped /cut sweatshirts, leggings, skinny jeans, neon, light lips, black mascara and eye liner. There is a lot of differences between 1918 and now they loved big hair we don't, they wore either very large/ baggy clothes or tight clothes, we like some tight/ loose clothes, all in all they liked bold outfits and we prefer now to blend in. Technology has changed a lot fromn 1981 to now here are some details, differences and similarities... In 1981 In 2010/ 2009 The technology from today and in 1981 isn’t that different. They had computers just like us but they were just coming out so they weren’t as advanced as ours are. Also they cable TV was coming out. They did have video games, but not WII or Ps3 they had stuff like pong and Atari they weren’t as complex as now. Some people still have VCR’s, my family still does, and in 1981 they were coming out. They also had microwaves similar to ours today but they weren’t as complex. Now we have some very advanced technology, we have the WII and play station 3 and we have high tech computers that are super fast, we have smart boards and cell phones, and much much more high tech gadgets. Similarities... From now and then there are a lot of similarities they had cable, computers, video games, just like us just a little less highly developed then ours.
Differences... There aren't many differences from now and in 1981 but the main difference is that their technology was less developed than ours. Entertainment 1981's entertainment was about the same as ours but they just had different tv shows and movies here are some differences, similarities, and details. In 1981 In 1981 their most favorite tv shows were dallasat 9 and 10 pm, 60min, three's company, CBS NFL football post2, the jeffersons, Joanie lovces Chachi, the dukes of hazzard at 8 and 9 pm,Alice, the Abc monday night Movie, too close for comfort, M*A*S*H, one day ata time, N.F.L. monday night football, falcon crest, archie bunkers place, love boat, hart to hart, trapper John, M.D. In 2010/ 2009 Some popular tv shows today are,Heroes,Lost, Prison Break, Dexter,House,24, Desperate Housewives,Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood and many more but here is the top10. Similarities... One similarity is that people now still like a lot of all the old shows that were played then, also people now still love monday night football, and almost everything that people liked in 1981 people still like now. Differences... Tv Shows There really isn't any differences from 1981 and now, the only one is that tey had less channels and worse picture. Movies in 1981 in 2010/2009 Some favorite movies of 1981 are ET, karate kid, sixteen candels, the breakfest club and many more. Some of the most popular movies today are Michael Jackson's This Is It Where the Wild Things are, twilight, new moon, Avatar,Where the Wild Things Are,It's Complicated, and many more Similarities... Some similarities are that in both 1981 and 2009/ 2010 people love/ loved movies a lot. Differences... There really is no differences form 1981 and now, just that we have better quality movies and we can use better animation then tey did. Music The music from 1981 to now is very different from each other, here are some details similarities and differences. In 1981 Some of the top artists/ singers/ bands of 1981 are, Journey, Rick James, Rick springfeild, rolling stones,AC/DC, Kool and the gang, Foreighner, lional richie and diana ross, Phi collins, steely dan, police, commodores, blondie, pat benatar, The Go Go's. in 2009/ 2010 Some of the top bands/ singers/ artists of 2010/ 2009 are, Owl city, Jason Derulo, flo rida, black eyed peas, lady gaga, Iyaz, jay sean, and many more. Similarities... There really is only one similarite for musicand that is that a lot of people now still like the songs played in 1981 and even on some radio stations like star 98.5 they only play old classics. Differences... There also is really only one difference between music in 1981 and now and that is, that a lot of singers/ artists/ bands had very different types of music. Famous athletes There was a lot of famous athletes in 1981 so here are a few details, similarities and differences. In 1981 In 1981 some famous athletes were/ are Lynn Dicky, Dick trickle, Bruce Jennar, Natia Comeneck, Johnny Bench, Pete rose, Larry bird, Magic Johnson( who is HIV+) and many more. In 2010/ 2009 Some famous athletes today are,Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, David Beckham, Rafael Nadal, and many more here are some female athletes of 2009/2010, Lisa Fernandez, Shannon Miller, Cheryl Miller, Mia Hamm , Martina Navratilova and many more. Similarities... The only similarity there is between 1981 and 2009/2010 is that all of the athletes in these year/years are really famous. Diferences... The only differnece there is, is that in both year/years is that all the athletes in the years are different in age and the time they got famous is different. Favorite board games Board games haven't changed to much from 1981 to now but here are some details, similarities, and differences. In 1981 In 2009/2010 Some of the favorite board games, Life, trivial pursuit, mystery date, ( not a board game but a classic) kick the can, Dark tower, dungeons and dragons. Some favorite games of 2009/2010 are apples to apples, clue, pictonary, twister, monoploly and many more. Similarities... One similarity that there is between 1981 and now is that some of the games then are coming back now or have already come back and are a huge hit. Differences... The only diference between 1981and 2009/2010 is that their games are that they were all made at different times. Sorces credit for the board game information: Mom interview 4-22-10. Credit for fashion/ style information: for hair, web address: http://www.liketotally80s.com/1980s-hairstyles.html/ title:Funky 80s Hairstyles: Back and Bigger Than Ever, Author: unknown / Mom interciew 4-22-10, For fashion, Web: address:http://www.buzzle.com/articles/80s-clothing-trends.html/ Title: '80s Clothing Trends, author: By Kashmira Lad, For make- up: title: Fads & Trends In 1983( mom said thatin 1981 they had the same make up as1983) web address:http://home.ibbsonline.com/rwh1983/frames/fads.html/ Author : unknown Credit for technology; mom interview 4-22-10 Credit for entertainment information: for tv shows, web address:http://www.inthe80s.com/tube8182.shtml/ title:Top Television Programs 1981-1982, author:by Charles R. Grosvenor Jr. For movies mom interview 4-22-10 Credit for music information: web address:http://www.popculturemadness.com/Music/Pop-Modern/1981.html/ title: 1981 - Pop Song Hits Most Requested Music, autor: unknown Credit for famous athletes: mom and dad interview 4-22-10 Credit for 2010/2009 information:FOR MUSIC web address: http://www.aolradioblog.com/2009/06/30/top-10-songs-of-2009-so-far/ , Author: unknown, title: Top 10 Songs of 2009 FOR MOVIES: web address: http://insidemovies.moviefone.com/2009/12/22/best-movies-of-2009/ title: The 50 Best Movies of 2009 autor: unknown FOR FAMOUS ATHLETES: FOR THE MEN web address: http://www.listze.com/lists/141 title: Most Famous Athletes of 2009 autor: unknown FOR WOMEN web address: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2032266/top_5_best_female_athletes_ever.html?cat=14/ title: Top 5 Best Female Athletes Ever, autor: Sherri Thornhill
ALL THE REST OF 2009/ 2010 INFORMATION from my mom and me thinking. the video game pong www.ventrice.com/.../social/pong.png www.stufffromthe80s.co.uk/images/game-of-life.jpg the Go-Go's www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/.../go-gos/mini-go-gos.gif Magic Johnson www.nba.com/media/history/lakers_johnson_240.jpg tech2.in.com/media/images/2009/Feb/img_124372... www.complete80s.com/.../karate-kid-se-sleeve.jpg art.allayers.com/.../large/morgan_fairchild.jpg Score
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