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Why, What, and How to Rank

by Zach Prez

YourPrezi (PPG)

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Why, What, and How to Rank

by Zach Prez you want to rank in search WHY you want to rank WHAT HOW you can rank & , 2.7 million chances to win new business place people look First Affordable marketing. SEO better than: $50 a month web directory       
$100 a month Google/Facebook ads
$500 event table Residual leads They don’t stop when you do
Those clients refer other clients Better return on investment. Searchers are: Looking to buy
Qualified Choose the clients you want Attract high end clients
Get your foot into a new venue
Focus on birthday party shoots (or whatever)
Charge what you deserve
Success stories Website Homepage/splash page
Blog posts
Flash -
HTML shadow site - no no Your name Facebook   
LinkedIn Google shows more than websites Local businesses
Videos Focus on a few
important topics Broad phrases
Long-tail phrases Keywords  Create pages about the phrase being searched Tell Google the page topic
Tell users the page topic Title Needs keywords to rank well   
Don’t need your business name
Unique titles for each page
Every character counts (max 60)
Convince users to click URL Describes the page before we even look
Keywords at front given more weight
Separate with dashes
Don’t go too long Meta Description Google ignores keywords here   
Does not show on webpage   
Write for users
Describe the page (max 160 characters)
Use sentence structure
Why should they click you? Conversion Need to rank high   
Get users to click   
Have a page that makes the sale Summary of Key Ideas Organic SEO gets more leads for less   
Focus on exactly the clients/projects you want Start with a blog
Expand beyond pages       
Big and small phrases
A few important topics Create specific pages
Keywords in title and URL
Convincing meta description to Rank Follow me facebook.com/zachprez


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