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Bridging the Gap Between Students & Alumni

No description

Kelly Hinkel

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Bridging the Gap Between Students & Alumni

Bridging the Gap
Students & Alumni
Founded in 1865
16 academic and professional colleges
Governed by a Board of Trustees
Total alumni = 303,870
Includes undergraduate, graduate,
associate, and non-degree as of 6/30/14
Enrollment = Over 30,000
For 2014-15 (Record enrollment)
University of Kentucky
Mission: The University of Kentucky is a public, land grant university dedicated to improving people's lives through excellence in education, research and creative work, service, and health care. As Kentucky's flagship institution, the University plays a critical leadership role by promoting diversity, inclusion, economic development, and human well-being.

G – Give Back
R – Recruit
A – Advocate
M – Membership
Core Message
It’s not how much you give, but that you give when you can.
Many capital projects at the university are the result of private giving
Less than 25% of UK’s operating budget comes from tuition and state funding combined
In Fall 2012, over 85% of instate undergraduates received some type of financial aid
Give Back
Help get students in the mindset and create a campus wide culture of philanthropy
Transition student participation in philanthropy to alumni participation in philanthropy
Internship & employment opportunities for UK grads
Campus speaking engagements
College Advisory Boards
UK Alumni Association Board of Directors
UK Alumni Association Young Alumni Council
UK Board of Trustees
UK Development Council
Alumni Club Leadership
Create a Culture of Philanthropy
It’s not always monetary…
Private giving is important
2010 Hopkins County UK Alumni Club
Student Send-off
Student Recruitment
The UK Alumni Association works with the Office of Admission to help recruit volunteers to work out-of-state college fairs
Book awards for high school juniors
Alumni club student send-offs
Legacy Tuition
Preview Nights
Spread the word
Help your college
Promote scholarship info
Encourage high school students in your area to visit and apply
DanceBlue 2014
Cats for a Cause

Talk to others about UK!
Display your diploma
Get involved with UKAN
Keep your record up-to-date to receive all the latest news
Sport UK swag – class rings, car tags, t-shirts…
Fast fact: The UK car tag program helps fund scholarships for current students!
Spread the Word
UKAN is open to alumni, employees, students and friends!
Communicate with legislators regarding issues of importance to UK and higher education
Calls to action are infrequent, but carefully timed
Fast Fact: Student Government Association has an initiative called the Wildcat Interest Group – another way for current students to begin advocating for UK!
University of Kentucky Advocacy Network
Chicago UK Alumni Club SEC Flag Football Team
Be a Member
Join your UK Alumni Association!
Founded in 1889
38,400+ members and growing…
Support association funding for colleges and scholarships
Dues are 80% tax-deductible
UK Alumni Clubs & Constituent Groups
Rewards and discounts
Access to career services
Legacy Initiative
Stay Connected
Wildcat Connection e-newsletter
Kentucky Alumni magazine
Alumni Clubs
Event invitations
Update your record
Greater Knoxville UK Alumni Club Derby Party
Join your local alumni club!
Do community service in Dayton
Host a student send-off in Cincinnati
Give out book awards in Louisville
Work a college fair in Houston
Award a scholarship in Greenville, SC
Play flag football in Chicago
Attend a wine tasting in New York
Cheer for the Cats at a pep rally in Atlanta
Go to a Derby party in Denver
Celebrate oUKtoberfest in Lexington
Alumni Clubs
2014 DanceBlue Alumni Reception
Join a Young Alumni and Constituent Groups
Young alumni clubs around the country
Lyman T. Johnson African-American Alumni
DanceBlue Alumni
Greek Alumni
Pro Groups
Young Alumni Council
2014 Scholarship Celebration
2013 Multicultural Student Thanksgiving Dinner
But I’m Still a Student…
That’s okay!
Your student involvement now will directly affect your alumni involvement as well.
Start Now!
Several student programs each year:
Welcome Back Festival
Multicultural Student Thanksgiving Dinner
Wildcat Wednesdays
Traditions T
Get involved:
Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow
SGA’s Wildcat Interest Group
2012 STAT/TEAM WILDCAT DanceBlue Team
Scholarship opportunities
Membership discounts
Community service
Campus events
2012 Nutter All-Access Tour
Athletic-spirit organization
Road trips
Poster-making parties
All-Access Tour
T-shirt opportunities
The mission of TEAM WILDCAT is to come together as a group of students to create a spirited and positive atmosphere at all home varsity athletic contests at the University of Kentucky. The subcommittee will actively coordinate the efforts of the student section at games, lead traditions, host game watch parties, road trips and more. In addition, TEAM WILDCAT members will have access to other exclusive opportunities throughout the year.
The mission of STAT is to connect students & alumni & to provide an ongoing means for students to assist the UK Alumni Association in achieving its goals and objectives in its support of the University of Kentucky through service work, events, and community.
What is your legacy?
We stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us.
Buildings, scholarships, traditions, campus events, mentoring…

"That which we do for ourselves stays with us, and that which we do for others is our legacy." - Tom Cochran

Your legacy matters! What will yours be?

Final Thought
Thanks for your attention!
Did You Know?
Membership dues are 80 percent tax deductible and also count toward an individual’s total university giving. This means that your membership helps UK’s alumni participation rate, which builds prestige and improves our university ranking. Higher university rankings not only help UK attract quality students and top-rated faculty, it also adds value to University of Kentucky degrees no matter when they were earned.
Why is networking so important?
You need to dig your well before you're thirsty!

Job boards are less than 5% effective as a sole means in a job search.
Networking, on the other hand, is more than 80% effective when it comes to landing a job. About 70-80% of positions that are currently available are not advertised. They are filled through word of mouth. The more networking you do, the more you will learn about these hidden positions.
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