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Copy of M&M's and Marketing

No description

Nu Nòng Nọc

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of M&M's and Marketing

M&M's Products
Product Item
M&M’S® Premiums


Customized M&M’S®


M&M’S® Brand Ice Cream
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
What is competitive advantage?

M&M's and its Product Life Cycle
M&M's is in the growth stage but at the same time it's in the mature stage.
New products everytime
Every occasion possible
Every holiday
Market Analysis
Ad Stats
4th on the Ad Bowl.
5th on the Ad Meter.
Viewed 3,000,000 times
98% approval.
The ad teased with hints of a new mascot
Marketing Channels
Direct Channel
Retailer Channel
Wholesaler Channel
1941- M&M'S Chocolate are introduced to the US.
1980- M&M'S Chocolate are Introduced Internationally.
Global Marketing Strategy
Global Marketing Standardization
Five Principles of Mars
Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom
Mars training
Mars Global Advisors
Who is the Target Market for the Ad?
The Target Market identifies with our kids, tweens and teens, and young working adults.
•Kids- it’s adorable and entertaining

•Tweens and Teens
M&M's earns cred with the latest pop song from LMFAO

•Young working adults-
laid back club scene
there’s something for everybody
•Need Recognition-
consumers want to try out the new Ms. Brown
stimulus can be triggered with a craving for chocolate

•Information Search-
for more information through www.mms.com, Facebook, and Twitter

•Evaluation of Alternatives-
evoked set
Hershey’s Pieces, Reese’s Pieces, York Pieces, and Almond Joy Pieces
What Consumer Decision-Making Process was the Ad targeted at?
retailers, online, or in stores

•Post Purchase Behavior-
when you wish you could’ve stuck to what you always choose.
Product Mix
Milk Chocolate


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Peanut


Peanut Butter

Many different types
The ability to put a face with the brand
M&Ms are made life-like
Loved by all ages
Seasonal Holiday-themed
Fun-size packets and Mini-M&Ms in tubes
Customized (specialty M&Ms) sold online
Also have their own line of merchandise

Global Marketing
Marketing Mix Associated
with the Ad
Brand name
Company image
The Chocolate itself
Color of the shells
Using a loveable cute cartoons
“Not your average chocolate”
"Not your average Chocolate"
AIDA Concepts
M&M’s gets people’s attention with talking M&M mascots.
generates interest with humor
dancing “naked” candy.
generate desire
showing the actual candy at the end of the commercial.
humor gets people to think of M&M’s
Ad Objectives
catch peoples attention
get them to buy M&M’s the next time they want candy.
Environmental Scanning
helped design this ad by finding the target demographics for this type of ad.
Ad Stats
AIDA Concepts
The Objective of Ad
Target Market for the Ad
Consumer Decision-Making Process
Types of Products
Product Life Cycle
Global Marketing
Channel Distributiom
Sustainable competitive advantage
Marketing Mix associated with the Ad




Five Principles
M&M's® and repositioning
Targeted a new market
Ad becomes a favorite globally
Marketing Globally
Maintain sustainability
Ken D., Natalie A., Janee` O., Mythili S., Luis V.
Ice Cream Product Line

M&M’S® Brand Cookie Ice Cream

M&M’S® Brand Ice Cream Cone

M&M’S® Brand Ice Cream Cake

M&M’S® Brand Ice Cream Treats

MKTG 5th Ed
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