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The Roman Forum

No description

Sophia Schueller

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Roman Forum

By, Carsen and Sophia The Roman Forum
What is the city for? Do people live there? - No, no people live in the Forum. It is a city surrounded by shops and porticos. It is has arches, temples, columns, and a basilica. The city is for meetings and to talk about business. Why is the Roman Forum important? Where does our project fit in under GRAPES? -Our project fits in under the letter(s) P for politics because a forum is where people discuss business, E for economy because the forum helps the economy earn money with the shops, A for architecture because the forum is a very important city to Rome with its great architecture, and R for religion because the city was dedicated to three gods/goddesses, Juno, Jupiter, and Minera. Gods/Goddesses - There are three gods/goddess that the city dedicated the roman city. Their names are Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva. They all shared a temple. Basilica - The basilicas was a very important building. There are two basilicas in the Roman Forum. They are long buildings with short columns. Basilica Aemilia was one of the basilicas and Basilica Lulia was the other one. Buildings http://dlib.etc.ucla.edu/projects/Forum/timemap Thank You Thanks for watching. - A forum is a central meeting area where people of the city discuss businesses. What is a forum? - The Roman Forum is important because that is where people would meet to talk about business. The Romans built their city around the Forum. It is like their capital. http://dlib.etc.ucla.edu/projects/Forum/reconstructions/BasilicaFulvia_1 Sources http://dlib.etc.ucla.edu/projects/Forum/reconstructions/BasilicaFulvia_1 Google images Rome books Wikepedia http://dlib.etc.ucla.edu/projects/Forum/
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