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pbl washington

No description

group 1

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of pbl washington

How much energy does Washington use? coal Residual Fuel Oil distillate fuel oil hydroelectric petroleum coke biomass geothermal solar 92.2 kilowatts 0.0 kilowatts 0.2 kilowatts 0.0 kilowatts nuclear 96.6 kilowatts 665.7 kilowatts 10.3 kilowatts wind 0.0 kilowatts 0.0 kilowatts 46.3 kilowatts natural gas 81.9 some of the energy sources are inexhaustible and some non renewable. Save fossil fuels and use inexhaustible energy You will learn how much energy Washington really uses. the total amount of energy used by Washington..... 969.5 kilowatts The primary source of energy used in Washington is hydroelectricity. the industrial use is 0.514 kWh
the residential use is 0.316 kWh
the cost for electricity is $0.1099 per kWh
the amount for Washington's energy is $106.55 A unique option for electricity in Washington is
hydroelectricity. Washington shut 2 coal fired power
plants and to mainly focus on using hydroelectricity as
an energy resource. The benefit of using this new source is that
there will be less pollution there and that
since running water is basically how
hydroelectricity is powered and that Washington
is near water it shouldn't have to cost too much.
about 8.03 cents per kWh it will save money for people who live in Washington in a long run. The End! http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/05/washington-state-closes-door-coal-opens-new-opportunities/







http://www.eia.gov/beta/state/?sid=WA vocab words

active solar energyalternative energybiomassemissionsenergy conservative efficiencyenergy enefficiency
energy gridethanolflash steam power plant fluorescent light bulbsfossil fuels frictiongeneratorgeothermal energygeothermal heat pumpgreen house effecthydroelectricityincandescent light bulbsinhexhasible kilowatt an hournonrenewable passive solar energyphotonphotovoltaic cell renewablesustainabillityturbinewind energy vocab words active solar energyalternative energybiomassemissionsenergy conservative efficiencyenergy efficiencyenergy gridethanolflash steam power plant fluorescent light bulbs
fossil fuels
geothermal energy
geothermal heat pump
green house effect
incandescent light bulbs inhexhasible
kilowatt an hour
passive solar energy
photovoltaic cell
wind energy
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