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How To Write an Essay: Introduction Paragraph

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Rachel Hackney

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of How To Write an Essay: Introduction Paragraph

Elements of An Essay
1 Introduction Paragraph
3 Body Paragraphs
1 Conclusion
Why are Introductions Important?
It's your reader's first impression of you and your topic
If it's just so-so the reader will assume that you aren't as knowledgeable about your topic.
You don't get another chance to make a first impression!
Part 1: Hook
Catches your readers attention
Makes them want to read on!
Possible Hook
a quote from a text
a novel, short story, movie, song, etc.
a statistic
personal story that relates to your topic
a bold statement
make sure it's bold enough to grab the readers attention
a joke
Part 2: Narrowing it Down
Provide any background information that your reader will need to understand your topic
A summary of the play
Transition into your thesis statement
In Class Assignment
Write elements the hook and the background information for your introduction.
Before you turn it in, you must have a classmate review, edit, and sign off on it.
If you are missing an element you
will lose participation points.
A Thesis Statement
The anchor of your essay
Everything you write should relate back to this
4 part thesis
How To Write an Essay: Introduction Paragraph
Shakespeare uses ____________, ____________, and _____________, to portray that _____________ in
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