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A Crash Course on Creativity

The fairetaile of 5 young Fellows!

Maria Christou

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of A Crash Course on Creativity

of five fellows The fairy tail The End!!! Once upon a time, on a very small island located between the three continents in the Mediterranean, five people were born ... HOWEVER, despite these commonalities we all agree that they persist amongst most people, and don’t stand out as something special or unique. INSTEAD, we have one COMMON perspective- WE ARE EACH UNIQUELY DIFFERENT!!! We perceive this as a challenge as we believe the more the difference exists between us the more we have to learn and gain from each other. Who knows, learning new characters may assist us in solving our negatives and becoming better people! Therefore, our motto is BE DIFFERENT!!! Unique!!! and we are all born in the small island OF... CYPRUS Golden Green Leaf thrown in the sea!! Maria, born in 1985, a mysterious Aquarius filled with positive energy, always keen to make people laugh and view things from the positive aspects of live. Mrs Maria Christou Duchess of Akaki "Creativity takes courage! Trust your instincts and is your responsibility to make it work" Mr Pawel Christofi the 1st of Larnaka Pavlos , born in 1987, interested in Astronomy, Gemini, who always has passion to learn new things especially regarding Geology, Astronomy, and Archaeology.

As a little boy, he always had a likeness for the corporate world. He dreamed himself wearing his suit, packing his suitcase and heading off to meet the challenging world of business. That is why he ultimately studied Public and Business Administration. He don't give up on challenges and he respects and appreciates every persons unique character and personality. His goal in life is to be a good Manager and to have a good team by his side where together they will achieve their corporate goals. Every success will be a team effort. Creativity and innovation is what makes any business competitive and pioneering in today's challenging economy, where only those who adapt can survive and thrive. It will be his goal to bring about any obstacles that may come ahead. Wish him luck! Michalis, also born in 1985, a humorous Libra, filled with love for animals, always up for social events and making people laugh. Mr Michalis Ilarionos Count of Peristeronas "BE DIFFERENT!!!!" A Crash Course on Creativity Mrs Mary Ilarionos the countess of Peristerona Mary, born in 1983, also an outgoing Aquarium and turquoise color lover like her brother above, is filled with imagination and creative ideas. She studied Computer Science and now she works at Information System Services at University of Cyprus. She loves to play badminton, swimming and traveling. "Always have on mind that you cannot implement everything at once. This is why you need a plan, you need to set your priorities and you need to know where to begin." Go Ahead…
Be there!
Make their day!
Choose your attitude! The fairy Tail of five fellows Like most people, all five love traveling, and taking road trips near nature and green scenary. Furthermore, we are all Greek Orthodox, we love socializing hence never say NO to social events or to meeting new people. We all have an IT/Business background and feel the need to learn more since we all believe that “when you stop learning then you just stop living’. Common Interests.. NEVER STOP LEARNING!!!!! All all people have common interests, but the most common of all is that each person is uniquely different!!! FINALLY, Yiota Nemitsas, the youngest of all since although born in 1984 she was unusually born on a leap year (29/02).

As a Pisces, Yiota is a dreamer always thinking of ways to reach her goals. Her first degree was in Computer Science which was later followed by a Masters degree in Database administration with the hope that she would one day end up as a Database Administrator. She is currently working as a developer, but daily she feels like this

She feels that she has not put an end yet to further educational establishments, but has the need to further explore within her what else will make her feel harmonious, confident, and positive in life.

She believes one of her main positives is her stubbornness since this is the main reason why she always sets goals and works hard to achieve them. However, she is also very stressful, and often filled with

She wants to try her best to think ‘out of the box’ so that she can break down problems into smaller components so they don’t look so big to her.


Giwta Nemitsa
Mary Ilarionos
Michalis Ilarionos
Pawel Christofi
Maria Christou Authors Date: 23/10/2012
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