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4 Year Plans

in depth description of the graduation plan for students in the 8th grade moving on to 9th grade

KC Scarborough

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of 4 Year Plans

Require an AP exam at the end of the year for each course.
Tests scored 1 to 5. Score 3 or above, you receive a DAP measure.
Should check
to determine if AP scores are accepted for college credit
AP Classes offered at High School
Top 10%
Senate Bill 510 C §51.803 requires each Texas Public Institution of higher education automatically admit students to their general studies program who graduated from high school in the top 10% of students in the graduating class based on grade point average.
Why is GPA
An F is still an F…
Grade Point Scale

Shows the “Big Picture”
Plan for classes that are required
Plan for desired electives
Can be changed at anytime
Why choose an Endorsement??
Earn college credit while attending high school
Taught through Alvin Community College
Require tuition costs but at discounted rate
Students receive one DAP measure for each semester class if they make a B or above.
For Dual Credit/Concurrent Credit student MUST meet ACC/SJC admission requirements.
Opportunity to earn associates degree prior to graduating high school
Dual Credit and
Concurrent Credit Courses
Foundation High School Plan

Foundation High School Plan
with Endorsement

Distinguished Level of Achievement
and / or
Performance Acknowledgements
State Graduation
What does it take?
26 credits required

All student have the opportunity to earn 3.5 credits a semester or 7 credits a year.
Graduation Plans
Class ranking for each student in the graduating class shall be determined by averaging the semester grade points from all semester classes.

All courses taken with regular school day and school year, except student aide, shall carry grade points.
Grade Points and
Grade Point Average
Endorsement Options

High School Graduation Requirements
Today You Will Learn About…
8th Grade Student

Planning for High School
and Beyond

Turner High School
Pearland High School
The law states that you must be in attendance at least 90% of the time.
You cannot miss more than 8 classes the first semester or 9 classes the second semester, or a total of 17.
If you have too many absences, you will have to
Petition for Credit
(which means that you will have to make up for your lost time).
Credits and the
Attendance Policy
No grades for courses taken outside the regular school day or regular school year* shall be included in the computation of a students GPA.

Courses for which high school credit was earned before the student entered high school shall not be included in the calculation of GPA.
Grade Points and
Grade Point Average
Career Clusters are broad groupings of occupations based on similarities.
What are Career Clusters?
Graduation plans not only put you on track to graduate from high school, but they also prepare you for life after high school.

Pearland ISD offers a wide variety of educational opportunities based on 16 different career clusters.
Career Pathway
Graduation Plan
Dates to Remember!
Dawson High School

Regular Education Classes
Honors Classes
Pre-AP and AP Classes
Dual Credit
Electives (this means YOUR interests)
Just Remember…
A schedule change may not always be possible, so keep your options open.
Choosing Classes…
7 credits x 4 years=28 credits
Check out the Turner High School webpage for in-depth info about college prep
Located under the INFORMATION tab
Dawson HS - 2.21 -
Course Selection Fair: 6-8

Pearland HS - 2.22 -
Course Selection Fair 5:30-7:30

High School Counselors Visit Campuses as follows:

PJHW - 2.13

What you will leave with today:
And this....
And this....
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